5 Baby Skin Care Basics Every Mum Should Know

5 Baby Skin Care Basics Every Mum Should Know

To become a mother can be a wonderful feeling for any female. Isn’t so? If you are a mother, your answer will be definitely a “Yes”. From the time of pregnancy to birth, every mother takes care of herself a lot even every second. Why does she remain so concerned during this period? I think we all know the answer.

It’s only for her baby’s safety and well-being. Every mother knows, if she is taking care of herself, her child will also be healthy.

Finally, when the time arrives you become mother, “how does it feel”? Something miraculous or great! Now the time begins when you also start feeling somehow tensed for your baby’s care. Well, it happens with every woman especially if she becomes mother for the first time. From baby bath to diaper change, you remain alert for every basic need. And skin care is also one of those major needs that can keep your baby happy and healthy.

Most of the mothers face problems to keep their cutie skin healthy. If you are also one of them, look here for basic care that can keep your child’s skin problem-free.

Let’s Start!

Baby’s Skin is Delicate – Needs Proper Care and Protection :

Baby skin is different from the adult skin so, needs extra care. It is highly vulnerable to environmental changes such as humidity and temperature. Therefore, it easily gets skin issues like allergy, rashes, itching, and other infections.

If you are thinking to prevent all issues with adult skin care products, you are completely wrong. Your angel’s soft skin needs something special – made for child care only. Although your child’s skin care may appear complicated, chemicals soaps, shampoos, harsh powder, and oils should be avoided.

Remember one thing; you have to look only chemical-free product for your kid.

Take Care of Your Baby with Following Helpful Methods!

  1.  Moisturize Baby’s Soft Skin :

Even though your baby skin soft, most pediatricians suggest applying moisturizer. Applying moisturizer can help in lock in moisture and keeps the skin hydrated.

But be careful to buy a right one. Make you are going for a lotion that is fragrance and chemicals free. A quality lotion can protect your child’s skin from dryness, eruption, and cracking.

Attentive care should be the first step of your kid’s safety.




2.  Wash Your Baby Gently :

Nowadays, most of the moms prefer to bath her child every day. However, it’s quite good approach for baby care. Carefulness and appropriate method is must.

So, if you are using any shampoo or soap, make sure it is 100 percent toxins free. Chemicals in soaps can become a reason for allergic reaction to your kid. Besides this, use lukewarm water for wash and natural cotton towels to gently clean baby’s body and prevent scratch.

Switch off all fans and air conditioners where you dry off your baby to keep temperature of room warm.




3.  Prefer Cotton Clothes Only :

Babies easily get prickly heat rashes because of sweating in skin folds. So, for the prevention of such irritating rashes, it is best to dress up your child in loose cotton clothes. Cotton is asoft fabric, more absorbent to sweat, and comfortable also.

Whether it’s winter or summer season, you have to choose right, soft, and synthetic- free clothes for your baby’s smooth skin.




4.  Use Skin-Friendly Natural Wipes :

Are you using wipes to clean your baby’s bottom? If yes, ensure that these wipes are hypoallergenic,parabens, fragrance, and alcohol free. Wipes are excellent choice for cleaning your baby messy hands and portion, especially bottom. Mother Sparsh water wipes can give you those features that can give your kid a gentle touch and comfort.




Mother Sparsh water wipes are 98% water based and 100% biodegradable. These two main features make these wipes totally safe and nature friendly. Furthermore, these wipes are clinically proven, prevents rashes, and made from 100% plant based fabric.

These natural wipes are safe for both environment and kids. If you use them, you kid skin can remain away from itchiness, redness, and rashes.


5.  Massage with Natural Oil :

Oil massage is good technique to keep your little angel skin healthy. This method not only appropriate for the skin care but also makes bones strong. You need to massage your child slightly with natural oils that help in nourishing and moisturizing.


Coconut oil, olive or almond oils are some commonly preferred options. You should avoid such oils that contain perfumes, chemicals, and other harsh elements. For the better care of your baby, you should always read the label of the product so that you can get a right thing.

Always make an alert choice when it comes to your child’s care. One wrong decision can lead your cutie to suffer a lot. And no mother wants to see tears in her sweet baby? Isn’t so?

So, don’t rush, just think and research carefully, and then go for that particular baby product.

Hope this content will help you to keep your baby trouble-free. If you liked the post, please hit the like button, share it with other lovable moms, and leave a comment below.

Choose organicand chemical-free baby products and give a healthy life to your child!

Stay blessed and cheerful!

Thank You.

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