Are Baby Wipes Safe to Use? Get Answer Here!

Are Baby Wipes Safe to Use? Get Answer Here!

To prevent infections in babies cleanliness is an essential part. Whether it’s their hands, mouth, bottom or feet, you need to make sure that all are clean all the time to prevent rashes and other infections in their skin. So, for this safety purpose, you can use quality wet wipes to clean their skin.

In the market, numbers of brands are available, so, it can be difficult to choose one which can be good for baby’s delicate skin.

So, to reduce this difficulty you can keep following points in mind when choosing any baby wipes pack for your baby. Besides this, parents who always remain concerned about the baby wipes whether they are safe to use or not can get an idea here.

Let’s start here!


A Right Texture :

This is also one of the main issues that parents may face when buying wipes for their baby. The problem arises when it comes to one type either rough or smooth texture of wipes. If wipes are too rough, your baby’s skin can suffer from rashes and irritation. And in the second case, if wipes are smoother, it can be difficult to clean the baby skin.

A-Right-TextureSo, to prevent such situation it is better to choose wipes of right texture. In such case, you can buy a small pack of wipes rather than big one. Before spending money on any expensive wipe pack, you must make sure that you are completely satisfied with the texture.


Chemical –Free Wipes :

Chemicals are everywhere and baby wipes also come in this category. Chemicals are added to keep the growth of fungus, bacteria and mold away from the packs of wipes. So, whenever you use wipe to clean your baby, you are also applying chemicals existing in the wipes on your baby’s delicate skin.

Chemical-Free-WipesIn 2007 according to Environmental Working Group’s analysis, 95% of baby wipes are contaminated with dangerous chemicals, which can cause allergic reactions in baby’s skin.  Usually, hidden ingredients not printed on the label of baby wipes and people remain aware of harmful chemicals.

Some hidden chemicals in wipes are:

Formaldehyde – a powerful chemical which can cause an allergic reaction to baby’s skin.

Ethylene Oxide – A potentially powerful skin irritate

Phthalate – It is usually associated with the fragrance mixes.


Eco-Friendliness :

Eco –friendly wipes might be a little more expensive as a comparison to normal ones. However, they carry very fewer toxins so, safe for both environment and baby. This is an important feature to look when parents buy wipes for their baby.

Eco-FriendlinessFor this purpose, going for Mother Sparsh Water Wipes will be a good idea to choose. Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are made of plant-based fabric and contains 98% water. Moreover, these wipes also contain jojoba oil and aloe vera that give a smooth and soft touch to baby’s skin.


Perfect pH Level :

Your baby skin is delicate and soft so, needs a right protection. It is necessary that when you buy wipes to clean baby’s bottom are made of natural ingredients. Wipes should have moisturizing properties. So, for this purpose, you must go for pH balanced baby wipes.


Harmful Effects of Using Baby Wipes!

As mentioned earlier, baby’s skin is delicate and needs a special care. So, if baby wipes are highly loaded with chemicals can cause irritation and allergy in the skin. A specific preservative known as methylisothiazolinone used in baby wipes can cause some allergies in baby’s skin.

The repeated use of baby wipes can cause irritation and rashes to baby’s skin. Some other issues due to which your sweetie can suffer are:

Soreness and itchiness

Dry skin and redness

Blisters and burning sensation

So, for the prevention of such skin issues using quality and chemical-free wipes will be the right thing to do.


Is It Safe To Use Baby Wipes?

Is-It-Safe-To-Use-Baby-WipesAlthough baby wipes contain chemicals, we can’t deny the facts these are convenient option to use. So, for the careful use of wipes here are some tips that you should follow.

  • Go for alcohol-free and unscented wipes as they can prevent irritation
  • Wipe slowly and gently
  • It is not necessary to use wipes after every diaper change as excessive use can cause sometimes rashes
  • Applying a thin layer of baby cream or lotion after diaper change can prevent contact of baby’s skin with the chemicals in the wipes
  • Always buy organic wipes, avoid to buy chemical loaded baby wipes

Remember one thing; your baby is totally dependent on you for every need. So, you have to be careful with everything that you choose for your baby whether its baby wipes or other baby products. By keeping above points in mind or considering some other important parameters you can buy superior baby wipes.

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