Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Powder

  • Mother Sparsh Baby Powder is tailored to protect baby’s soft and delicate skin from rashes, itching, irritation & other skin allergies.
  • It contains Aloe-vera, Khus and Tulsi which on combination delivers broad spectrum benefits in keeping skin cool & comfortable.
  • It soothes skin to makes it smooth and supple.
  • Mother Sparsh Baby Powder is also useful to prevent rashes and boils of skin.
  • Ayurvedic Powder
  • Tulsi & Aloe vera
  • Prevent Rashes
  • Natural Moisturizer
  • Parabens Free
  • Worry Free

Aloe Vera (Ghritkumari)

  • Natural moisturizer and absorb the excessive moisture.
  • Helps to relieve from prickly heat.
  • Helps to relieve from irritation and itching.

  • Posses Antiperspirant properties & help to provide quick relief from heat.
  • Contains antiseptic and healing properties.
  • Keeps baby healthy and relieve from discomfort.

  • Protects baby's skin from itches, infections and rashes.
  • Calming and soothing fragrance.
  • Contains skin nourishment & antiseptic properties
  • 100g for Rs 62/-
  • Helps in reducing dryness of the skin and improves softness and skin glow. It effectively helps in preventing skin sore and irritation.
  • Sprinkle small amount of powder directly on skin or by your palm.
  • Take care to avoid baby’s face while applying powder to prevent inhalation.
  • Ideal to be used after bath & diaper change.
  • Keep in cool and dry place.
  • Enriched with Tulsi & Aloe-vera
  • Especially made for babies delicate skin
  • Helps in skin nourishment
  • Parabens Free
  • Worry Free
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