How to keep your baby safe in winters?

Winters have approached which bring new challenges to parents. Winters means snow, chilled winds, fog which leads to chaffing, dryness, cold, flu and irritation in kids. After hot & humid weather, winters can be season of fun & adventure for your little one. So, parents need to take good care to keep their baby safe in winters.

Today, in this article we will discuss some tips that will help to keep your baby safe in winters.

1. Dress your child in Layers:

First thing to do is to dress your baby with appropriate clothes but make sure that do not stuff baby too much. He clothes should be loose in fitting so that baby should not feel suffocated. Layers will help to keep baby warm inside and dry from outside.

Let’s discuss the layers of clothing in details:-


  • For Babies: - Make sure to take baby out in cold weather if it is very necessary. Cover with one or two layer more than the layers you are wearing. Cover well babies ears, toes and fingers but let her breathe easily. Do not ever cover your baby face with blankets or quilts.

  • For Kids: - For toddlers you need to cover them up with at least three layers. Make sure to cover them with wool socks, gloves, thermals, turtle neck sweaters and a scarf. Let them play and enjoy the winters.

2. Protecting Baby’s Skin: -

Another concern in winters is to protect baby’s skin from chilled winds of winters. You might have seen the cracked cheeks of babies in winters, isn’t it? In actual, baby’s skin is so soft and delicate that the winds take away the moisture from baby’s skin. So what will you do to protect baby’s skin? Let’s discuss it below.

First of all, you should never stop the oil massage for your kid in winters. Make sure to keep your room warm and then massage your kid, it will be more beneficial as well as enjoyable for your kid. Massaging is very necessary to improve the blood circulation in kids and which also helps to build immunity in kids.

How to give baby a massage?

Make sure to keep room warm. Before massage, warm up your hands well so that baby should not feel cold from your hands. Now slightly warm up oil you use for massage. Make sure you check the temperature of oil before applying on kid. Then give your baby good massage of oil.

Which oil to use on baby skin in winters?

This is another issue, mostly in India mustard oil is used to massage baby but do you know that it is not good for babies as it can wash off protective layer from baby skin which could lead to more dryness. So better go for baby oil such as Mother Sparsh Lal Tail which is made up of sesame oil which keeps skin soft, smooth and prevent skin from dryness.

If you do not want to use oil on baby skin then you could also massage your baby with baby lotion after giving bath to your kid.

3. Protect babies from seasonal illness: -

Babies immunity is weak so they are more vulnerable to catch seasonal illness. You cannot protect baby from virus but you can minimize the chances. Follow these steps:-


  • Breastfeed your baby as it will boost the immunity in your baby.

  • Wash your hands frequently before you hold or care for your baby.

  • Keep baby away from sick people and also from crowded places.

  • Ensure baby vaccination up to date to protect from serious illness.

So, get ready with all this information and keep your baby safe in winters. Enjoy the chilly winds, hot foods, bonfires without worrying. Also, share your thought about this article. We would love to add on your suggestions. Happy Parenting!