Is Gripe Water Safe for Infants?

Gripe water is a remedy to treat colic problems, indigestion and teething problems in babies. This is the remedy that your great grandmother has used to comfort your colic problems. But today’s mothers are confused whether Gripe Water is safe for their baby or not. If you are among them, then this article will satisfy all your questions and give their answers as per the guidelines of known organizations such as WHO/UNICEF / NCBI.

Before jumping on to the main question let us first understand why there is a need of gripe water for your baby.


Why Gripe Water is needed?

If your baby is feeling uneasy and gassy, then it might be due to presence of high concentrated protein in your milk. To break the enzymes of the high concentrated protein milk, your baby’s stomach releases large amount of acidic chemicals and which in turn causes the acidic nature of the stomach and baby feels uneasy. To neutralize the concentration of acidity in baby’s tummy, Gripe water was discovered by William Woodward that consisted Sodium bicarbonate, dill oil and alcohol, sugar and water.

Safety of Gripe Water

As the study on the colic problems has been done by Scientists over the time, they found that Alcohol is not good for babies and many companies have omitted the use of alcohol in their gripe water recipe.

Recently a study done by NCBI shows that the Sodium Bicarbonate in the Gripe Water effects the baby in a very bad way. It is advisable by the doctors to check for the Gripe water information mentioned on to the packet before using it on your baby.


The exact statement of the NCBI Organization is given below,

“Sodium bicarbonate in gripe water has no role as hyperacidity is not a cause for colic. Moreover, if given continuously and in large doses, it may cause alkalosis and milk alkali syndrome”

Now as we know about the main ingredients of Gripe water;why is it mainly used and how some ingredients may harm your baby, then let’s answer the question - Is Gripe water safe for babies?

Yes, Gripe water is safe until and unless it doesn’t contains any synthetic chemicals like Sodium Bicarbonate / Baking Soda, Alcohol, Charcoal, Parabens etc.

Safest Gripe Water in India

Mother Sparsh, the ayurvedic baby care brand in India, has made India’s first Gripe Water with 0% Sodium Bicarbonate, Alcohol-free and Parabens-free.

The formulation of Mother Sparsh Gripe Water contains natural ayurvedic ingredients such as Saunf and Pudina which has been used as ancient remedies for baby colic problems.

The ayurvedic and natural ingredients of Mother Sparsh Gripe Water makes it the Safest Gripe Water in India.

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