Are you bathing your baby right?

Bath time is the perfect time of the day to make bonding with your little one. Baby is always happy between the bubbles and water splashes. During parenting, this time becomes for you and your baby one of the favorite daily routine.

Bath time for baby is a wonderful time as it relaxes the baby and also gives you a break from hectic day. Baby bath one benefit is that it helps to engage the senses like smell and touch of your little one. This all make bathing a very enriching experience for babies.

As you give massage to your baby, bathing with warm water can also help to prepare them for peaceful night sleep. Furthermore, mild fragrance also helps to improve your baby’s mood & make him calm.

So, as you read that how important is bathing for baby so you should also know that what product you should use to give baby a bath?

Is water-only best for bathing baby?

After reading out lots of does and don’ts of baby products parents feel that the water is only enough for bathing a baby. But in general, cleaning baby with water alone removes only 65% of oil & dirt. Water bathing cannot remove the fat soluble impurities that are left behind because of diapers and clothes.

In actual, the presence of these impurities can cause rashes or allergies to little ones skin, leaving skin dry. Repeated use of water for baby bathing can also result in loss of moisture from the skin cells, leaving baby skin read and also irritated. So, the answer to avoid this entire situation is to buy an ideal body cleanser.

Ideal body cleanser for baby is the one which is composed with following qualities:-

  • Effectively removes impurities from baby skin such as oils and fats.
  • Should maintain pH level and be gentle on baby’s mild skin.
  • Should be mild so that it could avoid irritation.
  • Prevent baby’s skin from infections and should be free from harmful ingredients.

Are you thinking that where you will get a product with all these qualities? Mother Sparsh body wash is the one which comes will all the qualities which will help to maintain your baby fresh, clean, cool and comfortable.

Some important tips for bathing your baby right are:-

  • Always double check yourself before applying on baby.
  • Clean what you see outside. Avoid putting anything inside baby’s ears or nose.
  • Hold baby in correct position and with care.
  • Never keep baby alone in the bath, not even for a second.
  • Every baby is different so fix one ideal time for bathing, do not change its schedule.

If you are mother of a new born, your baby’s safety is the big concern. New mother is always worried about how to bathe a new born baby and is constantly looking for the best answer. So here are some tips that can help you out.

Bathing Newborn Baby:-

  • Fill tub up to few inches with warm water. Now check the temperature of water with your hands.
  • Temperature should be between 32 and 37 degree Celsius.
  • Use one hand to support baby back, neck & head. Bath baby with another hand.
  • Use gentle Mother Sparsh baby body wash to clean baby. Do not be afraid to clean baby scalp.
  • Clean the diaper area and genitals properly. Wipe the creases in baby neck and also behind the ears.
  • Let baby enjoy warm bath for few minutes and then hold baby with support of both arms and wrap well in soft baby towel.
  • Dry baby well as moisture could irritate baby.
  • Before dressing baby apply baby powder and a little bit of moisturizer to keep baby skin soft and healthy.

So, enjoy this bonding bath time with your baby and create lots of precious memories. Follow these tips for bathing your baby right, it will aid in her healthy all-round development of your baby. Hope you would have found this article helpful. Please share your comments below. Happy Parenting!