Baby Bath time is a lot more than splash, bubbles, giggles & coo. It is not only about cleaning, it is a perfect moment to engage with your baby & nurture your bond.

Baby Bath is lot more than just Bath

Bath time is one of the best activity of baby’s routine as bath not only relaxes, along with this it is the best time to develop bond and play with your munchkin, showering love with that gentle touch, enjoying your little one’s fragrance. Baby bath is full relaxing activity.

Many studies say that routine touch leads to improved emotional, physiological, cognitive and social development. Your familiar & soothing fragrance improves baby’s mood, makes him more calm & alert. Just like a baby massage, baby bath also does wonders in preparing baby for bed.

Baby bath is a good time to play with your little after a long hectic day.

What all is needed for Baby Bath?


  • During Baby bath, it is must to keep all baby necessities within your hand reach like baby towel, baby clothes, baby diaper etc. With water we need a perfect cleanser for removing all the fat soluble impurities under baby’s diaper & clothes as they can cause the delicate skin barrier to break down. A gentle, mild baby body wash with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs is good choice as it helps to prevent infection by removing dirt from skin effectively.

  • With this as far as baby care is concerned look after whether the product you are using is Parabens& Silicon Free. Mother Sparsh Baby Body wash is 100 % Ayurvedic Medicine- Parabens Free, Silicon Free.

How to Bath your Baby?


    Here for your help, Techniquefor Baby bath:

  • The ideal temperature for baby bath is between 32-37˚C. After filling the tub, before baby bath, make sure to swirl the water with your hands. Test the temperature of water on the inside of wrist to make sure it is not too hot. Remember what is hot for you is hotter for your baby.
  • Use one arm to gently support your baby’s head, neck & back, slowly & gently place baby in bath tub. Support baby fully with one arm & bath with the other during the entire bath.
  • Gently wipe around baby’s mouth, nose & whole face- from inside to outward. Wipe the creases around the neck and behind the ear area also.
  • Use Gentle Mother SparshAyurvedic Baby Wash (Olive & Turmeric)- Parabens Free & Silicon Free. Don’t be afraid to softly wash the soft spots (fontanels) on baby’s head.
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  • Always wash the diaper area last. In case of baby girl, wash from front to back and in case of boys gently wash the genital area & penis again from front to back, and dry thoroughly. For uncircumcised penis avoid pulling the foreskin.
  • Give your baby a few moments in the bath tub to enjoy warm water. Pour water over his body to keep him warm. Take care, if you are running water directly from tap as water temperature will be changed suddenly.
  • Wrap both hands around baby’s chest under the arms, support his head &lift baby out of the bath tub and quickly wrap in towel.
  • Dry baby well (especially the creases area) as excessive moisture can lead to skin irritation. Softly pat the skin to make it dry to avoid skin damage.
  • Before dressing your baby, apply Mother Sparsh 100% Ayurvedic Baby Powder & Mother Sparsh 100% Ayurvedic Baby Lotion (Olive & Aloe Vera)- Both Parabens Free & Silicon Free.

Important Baby Bathing Tips:

  • Clean only what you can see, avoid putting anything deep in your baby’s ear canal & nose.
  • Never leave your baby alone even for a single second.
  • Keep all the necessities with your hand’s reach.
  • Every baby is different but many babies don’t like to be bathed after feed. So take care of that and find out the perfect time when your baby enjoys the bath the most.