Baby Massage for Muscle Strength

A thorough and gentle baby massage can help to enhance baby’s muscles growth and encourages his physical development. There are many ways to do baby massage, but a gentle massage is always advisable which is enjoyed by baby. The golden rule for baby massage is that stop massaging, if your baby is not enjoying it.

  • Baby massage should begin after post reaching home from hospital.
  • Baby massage helps to keep baby warm outside the mother womb and enhances the blood circulation.
  • It helps to enhance coordination and relationship between parent and child. It is a great source of touch therapy.
  • Helps to maintin skins softness and suplness and reduces the scaly texture on skin.
  • Massage arms, shoulder and legs in circular motion, it helps to strengthen bones.
  • Use Mother sparsh Ayurvedic lal tail for better results.
  • Lightly push the points under palm and under feet with fingertips.
  • Try to use palms instead of fingertips as it produce less pressure on bay.
  • Don’t massage after or before feeding.
  • Massage baby one hour before bathing or before his sleeping time.
  • Don’t use mineral or mustered oil as it can clog the skin pores which may trap bacteria’s which may cause infection.
  • Rub your baby's back in a circular motion again while supporting her with your other hand. When ready, roll her back to lie face-up.