Baby Massage Oil Tips

The essence of relation between mother and child is very divine and grows up to infinite joy and happiness with the passage of time. The gentle touch of mother to baby is a sweet tender movement inside which exhilarate the mood of baby with calm and soothing mind. The scientific studies showed the significance of massaging the baby as a catalyst to grow her exponentially. More importantly, the use of naturally driven baby massage oil flourishes the underneath tissues with essential nutrients to nourish baby’s soft and delicate skin along with development of muscles and bones. In the Ayurveda, body massage is also considered as to improve the mental strength of growing infants by inducing better sleep patterns.

Tips for Massaging:

  • Always provide a light and gentle massage by using your palm instead of fingertips and don’t apply pressure over baby’s body.
  • It is advised by most of the pediatrician or physician to start massage around 4 week of age, when baby naval has healed and baby gained some physical strength.
  • As per traditional way, try to sit on the floor with straight legs and hold baby between your legs, and gently apply the massage over the baby’s body and talk or sing with your baby while applying massage.
  • Don’t pressurize baby for massage. Stop massage if baby is not comfortable with it..
  • Slightly warm the oil up to body temperature and apply on the body.

How to Massage:

  • Before massaging, slightly warm up your hands by rubbing.
  • Start massaging from thigh to knees of babies. Repeat it at least 3 times.
  • Massage gently on babies chest, back and feet covering whole helps to strengthen the muscles and improves blood circulation.
  • Put hands over the babies’ chest and massage gently from shoulder to downward position.
  • Apply a moderate pressure during massage give her hugs and cuddles during massaging.