Baby’s Hair Care

The most important thing mother’s need to remember is to be very gentle when taking care of baby’s hair. Don’t put pressure on the soft spot of the top of baby’s head. Use tear free baby shampoo or body wash and take appropriate measures to avoid getting the shampoo in eyes of baby even though it is tear free. Products contain additives/chemicals needs to be avoided. These products have potential irritants that may cause skin irritation, itching and uneasiness in the baby scalp. So, it is advised to use Ayurvedic baby products.

Important Tips

  • Wash baby’s hair twice a week when he is young. Use mild and tearless shampoo.
  • When your baby grows up, wash his hair three times a week. Make sure that you always wash his hair towards the end of bath so that shampoo does not remain in water and irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Apply coconut oil or olive oil on baby’s hair for faster hair growth.
  • Use curd if your baby is not prone to catching cold. Curd is excellent for baby’s hair growth.

Mother Sparsh Baby Body wash

Mother Sparsh Baby Body Wash is a gentle & Ayurvedic based formulation which contains mild astringent properties that helps in removing dust, pathogens & other environmental pollutants from body & hair and makes it smooth and shinning. Enriched with time tested potent herbs delivers astonishing results with coolant effect to keep skin rejuvenating and hydrating throughout the day.