Diaper Rash in Babies: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Most babies suffer from diaper rash despite of parent’s attention. Keeping your baby bottom healthy is very important. Rashes are a common issue that is seen in most of the babies. Diaper rash will result in change of sleep pattern, eating habits, less urination and many more problems in babies.

Diaper Rash is major issue which parents face as it also increase frequency of crying in babies. Have you ever thought what actually Diaper rash is? Diaper Rash is a form of skin rash which generally happens when the skin area which is covered by diaper becomes inflamed. This skin rash can flare up when the skin is in contact with wet diaper for longer time duration. There is some more reason which could result in diaper rash.

Some cause of Diaper Rashes in Baby:-

  • If baby has diarrhea.
  • If baby sleep in dirty diaper for long.
  • Yeast or Bacterial Infection.
  • When baby starts on solid foods, their stool may change and irritate skin.
  • Some baby’s skin reacts to chemicals which are present in disposal diapers.
  • Detergents used for washing cloth diapers.
  • When you are taking antibiotics and nursing your kid.

These are reason behind a diaper rash. If these diaper rashes are not taken care then it can be severe case too. Most of the diaper rash are easy to treat at home and can be prevented. If the diaper rash gets worse, it should be looked at by a doctor. So let’s discuss how to treat a diaper rash.

How to treat Diaper Rashes:-

If your baby got a diaper rash, you should treat it as soon as possible. Follow these steps to treat diaper rash:-

  • Wash your hands before and after every diaper change.
  • Check your baby’s diaper and change it as soon as it becomes wet.
  • Clean your baby bottom with plain water or soft wash cloth whenever you need to clean poop off your baby bottom.
  • Never use Alcohol wipes for your baby instead make use of mild, alcohol free wipes for your baby.
  • Do not rub rather pat the area dry with soft towel.
  • Clean the bottoms completely and dry it before putting a new diaper to your baby.

For extremely severe rashes:-

  • Make use of squirt/spray bottle to wash the area well without rubbing sore skin.
  • Try to keep your baby diaper free as much as possible. Let air out the diaper zone that will help to heal the baby skin faster.
  • Follow these steps, right after bowel movement.

Ways to prevent Diaper Rash:-

We all know that “Prevention is better than Cure”. So, parents should take some precaution so that they could prevent their babies’ bottom from diaper rashes. Here are some of the ways to prevent diaper rash:-

  • Use Ointments:- Make use of ointments or petroleum jelly as they are helpful in protecting skin from rashes. A cream or ointment is better option than liquid. Only use products which are specially designed for babies. Try to use it every time you change your baby diaper but make sure your baby is dry before applying any ointment.
  • Avoid Irritation:- Never make use of scented wipes as it may irritate baby skin or can also cause skin reaction. Always try to use unscented and mild wipes or can use cotton balls. Disposal diapers can also be one of the culprits so try to change brand. If your baby is getting irritated by disposable diaper try to use cloth diaper for him. If your baby already using cloth diaper and they are causing rash then watch your detergent. Wash cloth diaper with mild detergent and hot water.
  • Keep baby bottom Dry:- It’s important to keep diaper area dry as most rashes are caused by prolonged wetness. So let your child spend some time without diaper. This will help air to flow through the diaper area. Never make use of blow dryer to dry your baby as it can hurt its tender skin.
  • Keep baby Cleanliness:- Bacteria’s spread when baby is not clean properly so make sure to keep baby diaper area clean. At every change, you should clean with cotton balls and warm water or soft wash cloth. Never make use of soap. These days the easier option is to use water wipes such as Mother Sparsh water wipes, which makes cleansing much easier.
  • SChange Diaper Often:- If the baby diaper is wet, it rubs against baby skin and irritates it which causes rashes. So keep a check on your baby after every couple of hours and change whenever it becomes soiled. Never tie diaper too tight as no air will flow through it.

So, follow these tips and prevent diaper rash in babies. Happy baby, happy you.