Do Babies Really Need Lotion?

From the very first moment when we see cute little face, we want everything best for our baby. Mostly new mother or expecting mothers tries everything out to find out what is best for their babies. Along with cute tiny socks, pom-pom caps and tiny undershirts and clothes, you also need baby friendly products that help in baby grooming needs.
A baby is born with wrinkly skin with a protective covering called vernix that naturally peels off during the first week. So, there is no need to rub it with lotions or creams at that time. Baby’s skin is delicate and prone to skin irritation. Chemical based skin care products can be harmful to the thin layered delicate baby skin. It is always advisable to use ayurvedic/natural baby skin care products. Mother Sparsh baby soap, wash & lotion contain natural essential oils and it is 100% Ayurvedic formulation duly approved by Food & Drug authority (FDA) of India.

Baby Friendly Lotion

Most of pediatricians recommend the use of lotions to prevent the dryness and stretches. Newborns don’t need to be often bath, but after bath or diaper change skin become dry and cause irritation and tightness. Lotion helps to moisturize skin and prevent skin from dryness or tightness. Mother Sparsh lotion is 100% Ayurvedic proprietary medicine and completely free parabens , silicon & phthalate. It helps to keep skin smooth, supple and protect it from dryness. Mother Sparsh baby lotion is based on natural nourishing formula which contains Aloe-vera, olive oil & wheat kernel oil that helps to moisturize skin effectively and protect skin from allergies.

Avoid products with Parabens, Phthatlates & Silicon

  • Some laboratory studies and researchers have found evidence that Phthalates, Parabens & Silicon have the potential to alter hormone levels in the human body. Theoretically, they could interfere with normal development as both i.e Parabens & Phthatlates can be absorbed through the skin which may lead to many hormonal problems in the baby. You may check labels for these commonly used parabens in baby products: - ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben.