Baby Bathe

In very early days most of the babies really don’t enjoy bathing but some of them enjoy it. Until your baby starts crawling down or getting dirty on the floor, a daily bath really not needed. Just wash his/her face when needed and clean the genital area after every diaper change. So, general practice advised to parents for bathing a newborn is two or three times a week. Initially, holding a baby is slippery so sponge bath would be a better option.

Steps for Sponge Bath to Newborn

  • Have your bathing baby kit ready in the bathing room and make sure the room is comfortably warm so that baby doesn't get chilled. Be sure everything you require should be at your hands. The essentials include a mild soap & shampoo, two wash cloths, a blanket, a couple of towels & a plastic basin filled with warm water.
  • Now hold your baby in your lap on the soft towel. Undress your baby but keep him wrapped in towel. Dip the wash cloth in light warm water and firstly, wipe the baby face first and carefully clean areas around the eyes and nose with soft hands. Also clean the area behind ears and in the neck creases. Don’t forget to wash area around the chest, the folds along the body and underarms, back, legs and feet.
  • Go soft on the genital parts & ensure the use of soft and clean cloth. A relaxing bath helps baby for a sound sleep.

Tub Bathing for Baby

After the sponge bath, the time arrives for tub bath. As already mentioned above, all necessary items for baby bath should be just around your hands. Choose the right tub that is safe and easy to use. Ensure the room is comfortably warm so that baby doesn't get chilled. Some babies find the warm water very soothing. Make sure water should be lukewarm and moreover you can check it by dipping your elbow in the water or you could use the thermometer. It is always advisable to use ayurvedic products on baby and avoid all cosmetic products as these products may cause dryness and itching on the baby’s skin. Mother Sparsh Baby body wash is FDA approved ayurvedic product having goodness of olive oil and turmeric and it is free from Parabens, Silicon and Phthalates.
Fill two to three inches of warm water in the tub, and bring your baby to the bath area and undress him/her. When you do bathe your newborn, It’s little bit scary to handle a wiggling, wet, and soapy little one, so stay calm and maintain a good grip on him/her. Take it to next level, rinse the body properly with soft hands and use the wash & soap as preferred. Above all, avoid vigorous scrubbing of any area of the skin with soap.
Keep baby in standing position and pour small quantities of bath water over his chest and stomach. Rinse your baby thoroughly with clean water, and lastly, wipe her with a clean soft towel.

Important things to be considered for Baby Bathing

  • The most important thing is never leave your baby alone during the bath time.
  • Ensure temperature of water should be adequate and keep a check on it every time before baby bath.
  • Bathing should not exceed more than 10 minutes as it could be chilling for baby or make baby uncomfortable.