Is it Safe to Use Baby Powder on my Baby?

Mostly parents are not aware of necessity and use of Baby powder. Most of pediatrician recommends safe use of Baby powder to provide soothing and calming effect to baby.

Mother Sparsh Baby Powder is an Approved Ayurvedic formulation which protects baby’s soft and delicate skin from rashes, itching, irritation & other skin allergies. It contains Aloe-vera, Khus and Tulsi which in combination delivers broad spectrum benefits in keeping skin cool & comfortable. Aloe-vera has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties which protect skin from infection, khus acts like a moisturizer and also help to reduce burning sensation and itches. Mother Sparsh Baby Powder is safe to use when applied in prescribed manner.

It is also mentionable here that baby powder contains tiny particles that can be easily inhaled and may result in serious problems. So, be careful with its use and keep your little wonder away from it. If your baby is suffering from any respiratory illness or congenital heart disease then it is advised to avoid the use of baby powder. Even a small amount of powder inhaled can cause trouble in baby respiratory tract.

Way to Use Baby Powder

Sprinkle a small amount of baby powder on your palm and apply gently to baby’s skin. Do not apply on area near nostrils and do not form cloud in air. Use on dry skin after bath and diaper change. During diaper change, cleanse powder that may have accumulated in folds of baby skin and apply fresh powder, to prevent irritation.

Note :- Please avoid baby powder containing Parabens.