Know more about Baby Massage

As winters are approaching, baby massage is also very essential. You might have heard from your mother or any other relative that massage should be given to your baby. There are multiple benefits of giving your baby massage but some parents do not get why it is necessary? Are you one of them? So, here I will clear out all the questions about baby massage.

Why is Baby Massage Important?

Massage is slowly stroking your baby body with your hands. It makes your baby bones and muscles stronger. This also helps to make baby bones stronger which enables baby to use his motor skills properly. Baby massage also helps to improve baby’s sleep quality, develop bones, strengthens muscles & stimulates blood circulation.
In addition, it helps to gain weight, detoxify skin and also improves metabolic rate. Baby massage also helps to create an emotional bond between you and your baby.

How will you choose the best oil for your little one?

As every baby is unique, their skin type is also different. Some have normal skin type; some others have dry or oily skin type. There are also the babies with extra sensitive skin type. So it’s very necessary to know about the best oil for your little one.
According to my opinion, I do suggest mothers to only use Ayurvedic oil for your baby as they do not contain any chemicals and also comes with added benefits of herbs.
To know about which oil is best for your baby, first rub it on your baby hand and check if it works fine or irritate baby skin. After some period of time you will learn about which oil is best for baby.

How to give your baby a massage?

Here are some steps that can help you in giving massage to your baby:-

  • Take some oil in your hand, rub it and then start from thighs and then go for feet slowly and very gently.
  • Start massage for tummy area in circular motion and then put your baby on tummy & massage the baby from back.
  • Also give your baby head massage to soothe or relax your baby.

Which is the commonly used massage oil for baby?

There are various massage oils that are used for giving baby a massage. Here is list of some oils:-


  • Coconut Oil:- Coconut oil is the best oil which can be used for massage in summers as well as winters. Mostly cold pressed coconut oil is used for baby massage as it is not refined and processed. This oil is always recommended by experts for baby’s delicate skin.
  • Sesame Oil:- This oil is extracted from black sesame seeds. It is very popular Ayurvedic massage oil for baby. Even I am using one for my kid i.e. Mother Sparsh Massage Oil. This oil is very effective for skin dryness
  • Olive Oil:- Olive Oil is obtained from olives. It is very good for skin as its rich in vitamin E. Olive Oil is also called ‘Liquid Gold’ due to its various benefits.
  • Almond Oil:- Almond Oil is rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids,proteins and lots of other vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E is good for health of skin and hairs. Almond oil is also good for newborns.

There are also various other oils like mustard oil, vegetable oil and also castor oil which are used by some mothers to their babies. Massaging a baby is good but please remember that never give massage to baby immediately after feeding or s/he is sleeping.

So give gentle massage to our baby and let him enjoy the winters to the fullest. I hope you would have enjoyed reading this article. Please share your views with us in comment section below. Happy Winters.