Relieving Gas Problem In Babies

A small tummy and big noises coming out of it is completely surprising for the first time parents. There is no need to panic as it is a natural process and a symptom to understand that your baby need help to pass gas.

What is baby gas?

Digestive system of baby is immature and undergoes a lot of changes in the first 6 months. Indigestion of milk and consumption of extra air while feeding are the major reasons for gassy tummy in babies. Due to this air bubbles keep floating in the intestine resulting in discomfort.

What are the symptoms of baby gas?

  • Smelly winds all around.
  • Baby cries with pain.
  • Baby groans, squirms, moans (especially after feed).
  • Baby pulls up legs, stretch out and arch back (seen more often than normal).
  • Baby cries, wriggles uncomfortably and keep stamping feet around.

How to solve baby gas pain?

    Breast feeding

  • It is seen that breastfed babies have less colic issues and wind problem so keep your baby on breastfeed as much as you can in the first 6 months.

  • Avoid restless nursing

  • Sometimes, baby is still gassy after breastfeeding, in that case avoid frantic feeding. Feed the baby before he/she is starving. If your baby is crying from hunger than he/she is going to gulp air along with meal. Feed baby in calm environment, turn lights down and play some soft music.

  • Burp often

  • It is important to get air bubbles out of baby’s tummy and frequent burps helps in doing so. Help your baby to burp when you change sides while nursing.

  • Check the bottle

  • If your baby uses bottle, it is important to choose the right one. The lesser intake of air while feeding, the lesser are the chances of gassy tummy. The hole in the nipple should be of appropriate size neither too small nor too large. As a too small hole frustrates the baby and too large hole makes the liquid flow too quickly. Prefer bottles that are designed to reduce air intake like the curved ones or the ones with internal vents or liners to prevent the formation of air bubbles in the liquid.

  • Keep baby in upright position while feeding

  • In curled up position while feeding, there are more chances of air to be trapped in with feed. Try to hold your baby upright so that milk travels more smoothly into his tiny tummy.

  • Baby's Belly Massage

  • Give a soft belly rub to help baby relax and release the wind. Place your baby with stomach down and gently rub his/her back. This gives baby a lot of relief.

  • Perform Baby bicycle exercise

  • Some babies easily get relief from gassy tummy related discomforts with the help of some motion. Do a small exercise put your baby on his/her back hold the feet slowly and move the legs in bicycling motion. Perform this exercise several times a day.

  • Give Gripe water to baby

  • Gripe water aids digestion, softens the muscle and make baby feel comfortable if he/she is gassy. Gripe water helps in getting rid of gas or wind. Use Gripe water without sodium bicarbonate/baking soda (Sarjikakshara), charcoal, glycerin & Soy, artificial flavors and colors, parabens and alcohol like Mother Sparsh Gripe water. It is a100% ayurvedic preparation totally safe for your baby.