Basics of cleaning Baby’s Eyes, Nose and Ear

Basics of cleaning Baby’s Eyes, Nose and Ear

Baby cleaning or bathing is a good time to bond with your child. Make it enjoyable for your little one…..

Baby’s Ear, Nose and Eyes require gentle cleansing once a day. Water alone is fine as skin on baby’s face is very gentle and soft. You can choose water based wipes also

Note: Baby usually gets cranky or irritated when you are cleansing his face. Singing a Song or by simply interacting with your baby is a solution to it but if all this does not work than just be quick and get on with it. Remember to do the entire task gently and softly.

  • Get some cotton balls
  • Soak on cotton ball in warm water
  • Clean corner of baby’s eye by wiping gently from inside corner to outside corner.
  • Make sure you use different cotton ball for each eye.
  • Wipe out gently each nostril to get rid of mucus. Don’t put anything inside your baby’s nostril (like cotton buds) as it can damage the lining of the nose and can cause bleeding.
  • Wipe behind baby’s ear and around outside of each ear. Remember not to stick anything inside baby’s ear because it can cause damage easily.
  • Gently wipe the external portion of his ear to remove earwax as needed.
  • Gently wipe under baby’s neck and chin and wipe between the folds of skin also.


  • Your Nails should be trimmed properly as it can harm the baby or can be a cause of infection.
  • Never leave your baby alone or unattended during the process.
  • Concentrate completely on your baby, don’t attend any calls or get distracted somewhere else.
  • Do not to scrub baby’s gentle skin.
  • Use a fresh piece of cotton wool to clean around your baby’s ears to avoid any type of infection.
  • Never put your finger, a cotton swab or anything else into your baby’s ear canal to remove earwax; this could cause an earwax blockage or damage your baby’s eardrum.
  • Folds of skin around neck gets dirty when babies drool, Clean properly as skin can become irritated if not washed regularly.
  • Make sure the washcloth and cotton balls are not too hot before you put them on your baby’s face. Squeeze a few drops of water on the inside of your wrist to check the temperature.
  • Dry very carefully between the skin folds, it is must to prevent irritation.



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