Best ways to keep your baby happy during diaper change

Best ways to keep your baby happy during diaper change

Baby Hygiene is the essential part of child care. Whenever your baby starts crying you always take it as a signal that your baby might have a wet diaper. Isn’t it? That’s true.  But what is the reason behind baby’s cry while changing the diapers.

Many parents also avoid changing their baby’s diaper in public as the baby can cry hysterically. So, how can you put an end to these diaper change battles?

There are many things that you can do to get them into the mood for a diaper change. If you make it fun enough, your baby will look forward towards this activity. In this post, we will discuss the various reasons why your baby may cry during a diaper change and ways to keep him or her happy while changing her.

Reasons behind your baby may hate diaper change:-

During the changing time if your baby is fussy don’t worry. It generally happens with every mother. Almost every baby hates the diaper changing and there can be the number of reasons behind it:-

  • Hungry: – Most often baby cries if you are changing before feeding your baby. Your baby may be too hungry and can’t wait to be fed. So, always try to change diaper after feeding your baby.


  • Do not know what is going on:- Newborn babies hate the cold touch which they feel which comes during diaper change. They are not even familiar with the process so they start crying. The trust will be built with time.


  • Do not like to be disturbed:- As baby starts getting older, s/he will like to be in charge of their body. While your baby is playing s/he will not like to change the diaper in the midst of the play.


  • Prevents new found skills: – Changing your baby’s diaper will restrict her from exploring and playing with things and will feel restricted. Baby like to explore his/her newfound skills like crawling, rolling, etc. so, do not like the diaper change.


  • Diaper Rash: – This is another reason behind a crying baby. Diaper Rash is something which is very painful and occurs in most of the babies. Spending most part of the day in diapers can cause diaper rash. If the baby is suffering from diaper rash s/he will hate diaper change.




Best ways to keep your baby happy during diaper change:-

  • Use Distraction:- Keep some toys or any other fun objects near the changing supplies and allow baby to play with them during the change of diapers. You can hand them a small object, diaper cream or any other object.


  • Keep Baby Warm: – Always change your baby in the warmest area of the house or blow some warm air. It will keep him comfortable and avoid that tears in his eyes.


  • Sing a song: – Play your baby’s favorite song at the time of diaper change. This will distract the baby and will help to keep him smiling. This is ease the diaper change process.


  • Have Fun:- To make it an enjoyable and funny activity for your baby start tickling him, make funny faces or blow in his stomach so that baby enjoys it. This will also be an enjoyable time for baby as well as for you.


  • Narrate your actions:- While changing tell your baby what you are exactly doing. Do not forget to maintain eye contact with baby. Keep communicating in a soft voice which will help to create a positive environment for this process.


  • See for diaper rashes: – While changing diapers, clean it properly with water based wipes such as “Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes”. Give some diaper free time of 5-10 minutes and then use diaper on baby. If there is redness then use the diaper rash cream or coconut oil and change a diaper after 2-3 hours interval.



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It is completely normal for babies to hate diaper change these are some best ways that will help you out in tackling with this awful situation. Keep distracting, being silly with your funny action and take some time to connect with baby.

Did your baby cry during diaper changes? Share with us how you keep your baby happy and also share this post with all new mothers. Happy Parenting!

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