Checklist of Essentials while Travelling with a Baby

Checklist of Essentials while Travelling with a Baby

After a baby, most parents prefer to be at home as a newborn needs a lot of attention and care. They feel travelling with a child is a tough task as it is very difficult to manage a kid. But in reality, this is not true. An enjoyable trip is possible with a baby. Just we need to focus on some essentials like a diaper, water-based wipes, set of onesies, hand towel, baby bib etc. of a baby which will help us to make our trip soothing.

Why are baby essentials important?

It is very necessary to carry baby essentials during travelling because these things can be required by a kid anytime. Suppose your baby spit milk after feeding, what will you do in that situation? Moreover, if there is no source of water you will find yourself in a weird situation. Then to clean a baby you actually need some water-based wipes. Likewise, some other basic essentials like baby nappies, milk feeding bottle, handy toys, gripe water, sun hat etc. are also very important to carry during travelling.

Which essentials are required while travelling with a baby?

We generally carry less weight to make our trip easy and comfortable. But when a baby is also our companion, the list of items that we need to carry along with us, can seems to increase. At that very moment every little thing becomes important to us. So, it is better to keep a quick list in hands of our baby essentials.

Things to Carry while Traveling with an Infant :

  • Diaper & Wipes :

A diaper is the most important thing to carry while travelling. As a little baby has no fixed time of peeing and pooping. Anytime he can do this thing, maybe that very situation we are not available with water and cotton to clean baby bottom.


So, in that case, it is better to have water-based wipes to clean baby and a disposable diaper to use and throw. Moreover a disposable nappy as much an easy way to clean the mess and replace with a new one.

  • Baby Blanket :

We use a baby blanket to lay baby on it. Also, it helps to cover a baby from cold waves, covers you while feeding your kid, protects clothes from messy burps, and shade your baby and more.

  • Clothing :

With a little baby, we need lots of clothes like 4-5 bibs, set of onesies, 5-8 set of t-shirts, 4-5 pair of sock, Baby gloves, 2-3 pom caps, sun hat etc.


All the things are very essential as a baby needs a change anytime.

  • Toddler Baby Stroller Carriage :

It is much easier to carry a baby in a stroller rather than all-time holding in arms. Especially if you are travelling by air, then you must carry a stroller carriage with you.


By doing this it will be easy for you to travel the airport distance to flight.

  • Baby carry Bag  :

Mommies, if you are travelling alone with your child and having luggage, a baby carry bag is bliss for you.  A baby carry bag is a piece of cloth that supports your baby like holding in arms position.


It is very comfortable and safe way to carry a baby.   Also, it promotes attachment with parents and makes parenting easier.  Moreover, luggage is no more a problem to carry with a child.

  • First-Aid Kit :

No doubt we do best for our baby and his care but any harm can take place anytime. To treat those injuries some preparations must be there in advance.


You should keep a first aid kit ready with you. It must contain some baby essentials also in it like rash cream, cotton, nail clipper, scissors, digital thermometers, hand sanitizer etc.

  • Teething Ring :

If your baby is in the chewing phase of growth, you must keep a teething ring available with you. Normally baby in this stage, a baby feel irritated due to tooth and gums.


These teething toys give your baby something safe to chew on. Chewing helps a baby to relieve the pain.

  • Toys :

Toys act as a source of amusement for a kid. Travelling will be a fun for a baby if he has something to play with. So do carry some soft, handy and lightweight toys with you.


It will keep baby busy and entertained. You can also keep some musical toys or rattles for the little.

Tips to keep in mind for travelling :

  • Prepare your list of essentials in advance, before packing. It will reduce your mental burden at packing time.
  • Don’t mix the first-aid kit with clothes; Keep these things in a separate pouch.
  • Keep your baby healthcare provider number ready, if you find any sort of emergency with a child.
  • Take care of your little one in crowded area.

Parents after reading these tips I hope you will not find travelling difficult with a baby. All you need to take care of is the baby essentials which are all time required by your baby. Moreover, all these things have their own importance and will actually help you during your journey.

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