Common Mistakes Parents Make While Cleaning Their Newborn

Common Mistakes Parents Make While Cleaning Their Newborn

If you are a first-time parent, you may have hundreds of questions running in your mind specifically for the baby’s cleaning. It’s obvious that new parents can go through various difficulties when handling their little and same thing goes for the baby bathing.

Making mistakes at the initial stage natural but, being a good parent you should not repeat them as it’s the case of your kid. This is true that perfection comes from learning and learning always goes mistakes. So, you don’t need to worry as your own parents, relatives and friends are always there to help you for your newborn’s care.

Besides this, here are some points that can help you prevent some mistakes during baby’s bath.

Not Giving Baby Massages :

Newborns have a sensitive and soft skin. So, every day bath could leave your little’s skin dry which is condition to develop rashes. Although using baby’s products is alright, chemicals in these products can harm the skin. So, one of the best ways to avoid skin rash is to massage the baby before giving a bath.

For a good massage, using natural oils can be a good thing to do. Additionally, you can also consult the paediatrician for the right help. Babies always love to get massaged. You will surely notice that your baby is enjoying the time when getting massaged by you. This technique is not only treat and itchy skin, but also improves muscle strength and enhances the body’s growth. The perfect timing for the massage is just before the bath time. If you are following the cycle of massage-bath-feed-sleep, you are doing something right for your angel.

Leaving the Baby in the Bath Tub Alone  :

Maybe you are not you are not aware of the fact that most common cause of child deaths is drowning. So, whatever the situation is, you should not leave the baby alone, even for a second. Sometimes, most of the moms think that water level is low enough so, baby is safe. But, it’s not like that; newborns can drown even if the water level is low so, be careful always.


And the second thing that most of the parents do is that they leave their newborn with older kids. But older kids are not so mature that they can handle a little child. So, never take the risk of leaving your angel during bath time with their older sibling.

Not Cleaning the Skin Folds Properly :

After every bath the child should be patted dry in the skin folds, specifically the neck folds. If you do not clean the neck folds, they start to stink and also cause rashes. This is a common thing, specifically in chubby babies as there many thick folds in their neck.


So, it’s always good to clean or wipe the neck folds after feeding the baby. Besides this, also make a routine to clean area two or three times a day including bath time also. In any case, if you find that any rash is irritating your child, you can apply a barrier cream to heal the skin.

Using water or cloth all the time for skin folds can be tough so, you can use soft baby wipes for it such as Mother Sparsh Water Wipes. These wipe are quietly safe and soft for a newborn as these are made of plant based fabric and contain 98% water.

Using Bath Water That’s Too Hot or Cold :

This one of the most important points that is necessary to always keep in mind. The water used for baby bathe should be lukewarm. It should not be too hot or cold.  To make sure that water is not so hot, you should test it with your elbow. Also, ensure that temperature of thermostat is 100 F. Water should be warm not hot.

The baby should not be left in water for too long as it can dry the skin. For a newborn, a quick bath of around five minutes is usually enough. After the bath, keep the baby in a warm room as a cold area can cause your baby to suffer from fever.

Not Drying the Hair after a Bath :

While wiping the newborn, keep in mind that your cutie has a few sensitive areas such as hair that should be kept dry. It is necessary to dry hair of baby after bath. You should pat dry the hair with a soft towel, hair may take time to dry so, and washing them twice a week is fine.

You can use a mild shampoo and oil to take of a newborn’s hair.

So, next time, when you take your baby for bath, must keep these above –mentioned points in mind.

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