Extra Care is What I Have Promised My Baby

Extra Care is What I Have Promised My Baby

Congratulations to all Newborns’ Mothers!  Hope you are doing well and enjoying amazing moments with your cute baby. How are you feeling ? Did you feel something strange or special during your pregnancy time? Well, your answer will definitely be a yes. It’s amiraculous feeling that God has given to females. How does it feel, when you get the news that you are pregnant? Most of the moms say that they feel exciting and somehow worried also.

Every lady can go through such mixed feelings, specifically who becomes a mother for the first time. I still, remember the time when my doctor told me about my pregnancy. I was quite happy and worried also as it was my first time. But I can say one thing, to hold another life inside our belly is no less than a miracle – what you can feel can’t be expressed in words. Only mothers can understand this thing.

But things do not end here, your final examination starts when you finally give birth to your kid. Your baby is a big responsibility of yours. From a small need to big one, your cutie pie is dependent on you. We can’t deny no other thing is pure than mother’s love. But for newborn babies love and careful care always go hand in hand.

Some mothers find it tough when it comes to their baby care. Due to the lack of proper information they struggle a lot. If you are also one of them, don’t panic.

Here are some babycare tips that can help you for a proper care:

Take Care of Sleeping Hours  :

Every female when gets pregnant and starts thinking about the care of a baby. She not only plans for the pregnancy time but also for the afterward. Some mothers usually make a promising list that includes all baby care basics. If all essential things are included, don’t skip baby sleeping time.




For a newborn child, 16 hours sleep per day is highly necessary. However, your baby sleeps in little shots. Don’t get frustrated with your infant because, if he/she does not sleep. Probably there could be a reason for it. Most of the babies need to be fed many times a day as they are growing every single day.

Another reason for your baby’s disturbed sleep can be wet diapers. Sometimes, kids also seek their mother comfortable lap for a sound sleeps. If so, hold your baby carefully and slightly massage the back. It is one of the best techniques to give comfort sleep to a baby. Always ensure that your child is sleeping properly as it’s necessary for health.


Feed Properly :

Being a mother you should aware of your baby’s feed time. Your little angel will give some hints when feels hungry –most commonly starts crying.  With time you have to judge the difference between the cries, whether he/she is crying to feed or it’s for bedtime. Besides this, there could be many other reasons. You have to learn how to judge your child’s small movements, silence, and other basic essential.



Remember one thing; do not hurry with solid food. You can try such food, when your kid gets some months older. Breastfeeding has been proven healthier for your baby than other options. In not only provides nutrients to your baby but also pass on some many of your immunities to his/her body.


Ensure Proper Hygiene :

Like you, your baby has also full right to remain neat and clean. Your babies are helpless and it’s only you who can take care of their hygiene. You have to always make sure that you change the diaper when it is necessary. Don’t let your baby suffer from a wet diaper. It can make your baby’s body stinky.




Not only will this happen, your baby could also suffer from skin allergy, rashes, redness, and other issues.


Use Baby Wipes  :

Every time when you change a diaper, make sure you clean the bottom with wipes. You can easily get the quality baby wipes from the market. Cleaning with wipes is more hygienic and easy method than a cloth.




For example, you can choose Mother Sparsh Water Wipes for natural cleaning. These wipes are parabens and alcohol-free so, protective for baby’s skin. Additionally, Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are 98% water-based, biodegradable, and 100% made of natural fabric.

Mother Sparsh baby wipes can give motherly touch and soft feel to your child. You can use baby wipes to gently clean bottom so that skin infection could prevent.


Bathe Your Child :

When you take your baby for bath, you should use the bathtub for it. Give them a clean bath and use only chemical free soaps, shampoos, and oil. Never leave them alone when they are in the water. Be more careful during their bath time.




Always use a Soft and Clean towel to clean their body after bath.

Hope, this write-up will help all new moms. If you find this post interesting and helpful please like it and share with all moms who recently the mothers’ world. Moreover, if you have any suggestion for baby care, please share it in a comment below.

Enjoy a Cheerful time with your cute little Angel.





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