How Daily Massage is Helpful for an Infant?

How Daily Massage is Helpful for an Infant?

Infant massage is a way for parents to spend time and nurture their little one. It is another way to express their love and care for their child. Beyond this, massage has many health benefits also like it improves blood circulation, relief from body ache, strong muscles, aiding digestion and also helps a body of a baby to soothe and sleep peacefully.

Baby Massage :

Baby massage is an activity in which parents gently stroke body of the baby with massage oil, lotion or moisturizer. All these things act as a lubricant and make the massage more smooth and enjoyable.


Normally massage includes the whole body; we put more focus on some body parts like chest, tummy, back, arms, legs, and head. Singing and humming during massage gives a more relaxing effect to a baby.

When to Start Newborn Baby Massage?

It is generally recommended to massage a newborn after completion of 1 month or six weeks. The reason behind this is that a baby’s skin is very delicate in the initial days and is underdeveloped immediately after birth, a newborns skin takes around 15 days for to adapt a new environment.

In first 15 days of age, a baby also shed his umbilical cord stub, which can catch the infection if any massage oil gets tapped in it. Hence massage, after one month is highly recommended as it has multiple benefits like the umbilical cord stub has fallen and navel has dried, the skin is less sensitive than birth time also a baby at this age is more responsive towards touch.

Health Benefits of Body Massage :

There are several health benefits of a massage, such as:

  • Relax Muscles

Gently stroking the body of the baby gives a very relaxing effect and it relieves the body from stress and relaxes muscles.

  • Good Health

Massage improves blood circulation in the body and contributes to good health. It also gives nourishment to the skin

  • Solution to Tummy Problems

Normally babies face problems like colic, gas, and constipation, to ease these problems, massage works wonders.

  • Special Bond

Massage time is the time when your whole attention is on your baby, and a baby also enjoys that special moment.


So massage also helps to make a special bond with your child. Moreover its improves parents interaction with their baby.

  • Understand the Needs of the Baby

As massage is a special time of parents to share with their baby. They also get to know the problems and needs of the baby.

  • Keeps Baby Happy

No doubt massage gives a very relaxing effect to a baby and has many health benefits; it also helps to soothe a crying baby.

Some Do’s to be done Before Massaging an Infant :

The most important thing you need to do before massage is to find a perfect, comfortable and peaceful place. Just ensure that the room must be cosy and warm for the baby. As this time is for relaxation, so keep your mobile phones away.

To make massage moment more enjoyable, place your baby on a towel and blanket, plays music on slow volume or can sing for your baby. You may take any good massage oil or lotion which must be for babies only; this will helps your hands to glide smoothly on your baby’s skin. Always choose mild oils or moisturizers for your baby as these oils or products may harm the sensitive skin of a baby.

Mommies it is advisable that if your baby is suffering from any allergy like eczema or some other skin rash, you please consult a doctor.

Massage Step by Step:

It is important to follow some good massage techniques for newborns to make this it more effective.

  • Head Massage

Simply pour some drops of oil on baby scalp and rub gently on it. Ensure that you don’t put too much pressure on your baby’s head and take care of some soft spots on head.

  • Face

Apply some oil on your baby’s face and move towards chin with fingertips. Put mild pressure on eyebrows, chin, and nose with fingers.

  • Tummy Massage

After face, rub some oil on baby belly. After oiling folds your baby’s knees up to the tummy and apply some gentle pressure. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds and repeat it for few times.

  • Back Massage

Make your baby lie on tummy and massage well with your both hands.


Back massage includes massage of neck and buttocks also.  Put mild pressure on your baby’s spine and massage in circular motion.

  • Chest Massage

Put some oil on your hands and place one hand flat across the top of the chest and stroke gently down to the thighs.


Repeat it for few times for chest massage.

  • Arms and Legs Massage

Rub some oil on baby arms and legs and gently stroke to downwards. Put some gentle pressure on the thighs and massage it well.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind During Massage:

  1. Always give gentle massage to a newborn. Don’t massage very fast or harshly, neither exert more pressure on some parts of the body.
  2. Don’t massage a baby when he feels irritable or cranky. Firstly judge your baby’s mood. If you find baby uncomfortable, it is better to skip massage rather than force fully doing so.
  3. After massage clean the excess oil from baby palms, fingers and hands with water Based Wipes.
  4. Choose mild, organic or natural products for your baby.


So, Parents, these are the things which you keep in your mind while massaging your infant. Massage gives very soothing and relaxing effects to a baby. For healthy growth of a newborn daily massage is really recommended.

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