How to Clean Baby’s Genitals

How to Clean Baby’s Genitals

Baby’s genitals are very delicate, so cleaning this area requires special care. There are few steps that will help to keep your baby’s genital area clean and healthy.

Steps to Clean your Daughter’s Genital Area

  • Diaper Rash ointments, sweat and other substances can collect in and around your baby’s genital area.
  • For cleaning, wet a cotton ball, hold her legs apart and wipe her genital area with the cotton ball. It is important to start at the front and gently wipe backwards.
  • Vaginal deodorants should not be used as they can upset the natural chemical balance of the vagina and increase the risk of infection.
  • Avoid using talcum powder as your baby can inhale some finite particles of powder. Talcum powder can irritate the vagina as well.

Steps to Clean your Boy’s Genital Area

Good hygiene for the penis will help prevent infection and disease. It is particularly important for uncircumcised boys.

  • The Circumcised Penis: Gently rinse the genital area while bathing. It is not required to use soap. If you want to use soap, choose one with natural moisturizer and use less amount of soap.

It is recommended to moist the front of nappy with petroleum jelly to prevent your baby’s penis from sticking to the nappy.

  • The Uncircumcised Penis: If your baby is uncircumcised, gently clean the outside of the foreskin during first 2–3 years. Do this at the bath time. The foreskin will not become lose until your baby boy is 2–3 years old.

Do not force back the foreskin as it may cause it to tear where it is naturally attached and may cause problems for your baby boy.

Note: Generally for baby cleansing, wipes are used right from the baby birth. It is advisable as per guidelines from researchers to use pure water and cotton balls for cleansing baby delicate skin to avoid any skin irritation.

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