How to keep baby all day dry and happy?

How to keep baby all day dry and happy?

As a mother, you place the happiness and comfort of your baby above everything else. And for that, you keep on looking for the products that promise to bring a smile on your baby’s face and keep the tears away. Being parents we all need our little ones to grow in every way. We want our cutie to be glad, play as much as possible, eat well and sleep well.

But this desired thing is not that much easy to attain. There can be many reasons behind it; maybe the baby is wet, not wearing comfortable clothes, diaper issue, rashes from nappy etc. Here we will discuss some points that will help you to keep baby all day dry and happy.

 1.  Keep a Check on Diaper :

The first and foremost thing that makes baby unhappy and irritated is a wet diaper. We all know that an infant skin is a very delicate skin, any uneasiness due to clothing, food or nappy results in baby crankiness.


Even a single minute in an ill-fitting diaper can make a baby cry. So mark a note that after a short span of time you check your baby nappy and if find it heavy or pooped. Do change it immediately before baby starts crying.

Some points to keep in mind for diaper are- :

  • Don’t wear a tight or loose diaper, choose the correct size only.
  • Buy a well absorbent diaper to avoid leakage.
  • Destroy used diaper immediately after removing
  • Choose a good diaper for your baby.

By following these tips you can baby dry and smiling all the time.

2.  Frequent Wiping of your baby :

We have generally seen that newborns, spit milk after feeding, do lots of pee and poops after short intervals. To clean baby from all this we wipe him repeatedly.


Earlier, mothers use a cloth to clean baby which was a harsh way of cleaning and cause redness on baby’s sensitive skin. But the trend has been changed now. New mommies use baby wipes to clean their little and a good way of maintaining hygiene, which is actually very necessary for babies.

Some essential points to check before shopping for wipes are-

  • Always choose water-based wipes for your toddler, avoid lotion or soap based.
  • Check fabric of wipes, Go with plant-based or some soft fabric rather than polyester
  • Use skin friendly and eco-friendly wipes for baby and mother earth.
  • Make a choice of alcohol-free wipes only

Wiping a baby with wipes is very important else, it may cause allergy or rashes to the delicate skin of a baby. All these things make baby uncomfortable and sad for the day. You can try Mother Sparsh water-based wipes; as they are made up of 98% water and 100% plant-based fabric. Moreover, these wipes are dermatologically tested.

3.  Sundry Mattresses :

Parents it is not necessary that baby irritates from a wet diaper only, another reason can be wet mattresses. We know newborns pee a lot and sometimes we make baby sleep on the bed without nappy. In that situation mattress got wet and on daily basis, we do not let them dry in sun. So you make a routine that you have to sundry your mattresses once in a week time.


Not letting your bed mattress dry, result in germs or cause allergy to the gentle skin of a baby. This will also help you to maintain hygiene in the room and keep your baby safe from mattresses allergies.

4.  Comfortable Clothing :

As we know, Babies got annoyed earlier than adults. So, it is best to let your baby wear the comfortable one. When we talk about baby clothing, ensure prior that you don’t let your little wear very tight or loose clothes.


Neither wore cloths having heavy accessories on it. All these are the reasons in clothing which makes a baby uneasy and unhappy.

5.  Don’t Apply Cosmetics :

Parents make sure that you don’t apply any cosmetic cream, powder, perfume etc. to a baby. All these products are not good for the soft and sensitive skin of an infant. Also, they have side effects on the baby skin can cause redness, dryness, or rashes. Ultimately all these discussed symptoms may result in baby stay cranky all time.

Conclusion – Babies are very sensitive, any type of discomfort may become a reason for their unhappiness. Moreover, it is our responsibility to keep a check on everything which is related to our baby so that he/she could not feel uneasy. Hope you all will find the discussed facts suitable and follow them accordingly.


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