Importance of Baby Cleansing

Importance of Baby Cleansing

Baby Cleansing is very important and is a crucial part of Hygiene. Cleansing is required for baby’s overall care. Practicing a good hygiene for baby will keep your baby happy and healthy all the time and I am sure who do not want this to happen. Everybody wants baby with a big smile.

Along with the basic cleansing of the baby, there are some special areas which needs attention and also avoid any kind of infection. Read the below article to know more about how to follow good hygiene for your baby to keep him happy & healthy all time.

Tips for cleaning your baby

  • Bathing your baby: Bath is the foremost thing which is necessary for maintain baby cleanliness and hygiene. It also helps to keep baby clean and tidy. Do not make use of harsh soaps and toxic products. Use mild body wash or Ayurvedic soap.Give sponge bath to your baby till the navel area gets completely healed. Do not give excessive bathing as it can lead skin to dry skin.


  • Clip the Nails: It is another important thing to be taken care of as it is important part that requires proper hygiene. Keep baby’s nail trimmed so that baby should not scratch himself/herself. Best time to trim baby’s nails is when he/she is sleeping. Use baby sized nail clipper and do not cut it deep as it can hurt to baby.


  • Clean baby Ears: Mothers should clean the baby’s ears often. Make sure to clean the ears properly from outside not from inside. Just wash the outer area, do not use cotton bud to clean inner area as it could damage the ear drums and can also lead to permanent deafness. Be careful and if your baby is touching his ears again and again, it could have lead to ear infection. Go to pediatrician immediately.


  • Nose Cleansing: Clean baby nose properly is essential part of overall baby cleansing as dried mucus collected in nose can create problem for baby to breathe. Use a damp cloth. Water wipes helps to clean the nose gently and avoid if baby is getting irritated. Use can use a nasal syringe to clean baby nose and can ease his/her breathing.


  • Cleaning the Cord: This is an important part of baby and needs an extra special care, until it falls off. Make sure to clean the cord every time you change the diaper. This will keep cord dry and prevent from infections.Use cotton dipped in alcohol to clean area around the cord and make sure that the cord should not get inside the diaper. To avoid this keep baby diaper folded below naval area. If your baby cries while touching the chord then make a visit to doctor.


  • Cleaning of Genitals: Baby genital area is delicate and need proper cleansing to prevent infections and diseases. We generally change baby nappies after every couple of hours. Changing wet nappies regularly reduce dampness of baby’s skin and can lead to diaper rashes. It is necessary to change and clean your baby as soon as possible.Wash the area with soft cotton dipped in clean water or use mild water wipes such as Mother Sparsh water wipes as they are enriched with vitamin E which prevents baby skin with rashes and moisturize well. Using these will help to protect your baby’s natural skin barrier.

Do you maintain the cleanliness of your baby? Follow these tips and raise your baby with good health. Please leave your suggestions in comment box below. We will be waiting for your response.

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