9 Basic Ways To Calm Your Crying Baby

Every human being needs a medium of expression. Similarly Newborn also require a channel of communication as they are not able to speak so crying is the only option to say that “I need something” or “There is something not right, please fix it” or “I need help”.

There are numerous reasons behind the baby cry. Here are some basic and effective cry-stoppers which should be tried:

Holding Your Baby:


  • Being held by a warm and a comforting person offers a feeling of security and calms a crying baby. Physical contact is something they seek and what usually calms them the most, no matter whatever is the reason for their cry.

Start Some Motion Activities:


  • Repetitive, rhythmic motion like swinging, swaying, rocking, jiggling, dancing or drive in a car are enjoyed a lot by the babies. All these ways work a lot and are usually effective to calm a fussy baby.

Breastfeed Your Baby:


  • Breastfeed is the most powerful tool for soothing a baby. It is the way that works most of the time. Breastfeeding not only satisfies the hunger of the baby but it is proven that whenever a baby is brought closer to breast, baby feels as if he/she is in the most comfortable place in the entire universe.

Play Some Peaceful Music:


  • Soft peaceful music is an amazing baby calmer. May be this is the reason why lullabies are the part of baby bringing up culture since ages. Well, by saying this it does not mean you have to be a professional singer but due to familiarity with mother’s voice it works beautifully. Keep changing the music and tunes, in order to find out what works the best on your little.

Turn On Some White Noise:


  • Womb was a very noisy place and babies kept listening those noises 24×7. So sometimes babies can be calmed by white noises, which are continuous and uniform like heartbeat, rain, vacuum cleaner noise, alarm clock noise etc

Give Your Baby Something To Suck:


  • Pacifier works wonder as a means of comfort. Mother’s breast acts as a natural pacifier but when that is not an option than bottle pacifier or a teething toy can be of great help.

Divert Your Baby’s Attention:


  • Turning the fussy mood of baby into happy one can also be done by introducing a new activity, taking him/her out for a walk or go for an enjoyable bath.

Swaddle Your Baby:


  • This should be done for the first two three months in order to create an environment as it was in the womb.

Massage Your Baby:


  • Touching is one the most effective way to provide warmth and also develops communication between you and your baby. Babies enjoy gentle pat on their back and bottom. It gives them a soothing feeling.