How to maintain daily hygiene of baby?

Nothing is more adorable than a baby and we take every precaution to keep him safe. The most important thing to take care of baby is cleansing. Sometimes it seems very difficult situation to maintain hygiene of newborn baby. Newborn baby skin is very soft and delicate and precautions should be taken while cleaning. So, read below how you can maintain proper cleansing of your baby?

1- Cleaning Baby Eyes:-

  • Take some warm water in a bowl.
  • Wash your hands and with clean hands, dip a cotton ball in warm water and squeeze water.
  • Now clean your newborn eyelids, wipe gently from inner eye to outer eye.
  • Use another cotton ball to wipe other eye of baby.

2- Cleaning Baby Ears and Nose:-

You can clean baby’s nose and ears while giving your baby the bath. There is no need to use soap on baby’s face as its skin is too delicate & sensitive for soaps.

  • Moist some cotton balls in warm water.
  • Gently wipe around the nostrils, do not put anything inside nostrils as it can harm your baby.
  • Properly wipe behind your baby’s ear and also outside of both ear. Do not put cotton bud or any other thing inside baby’s ear as it could cause damage.

3- Cleaning your Baby Face:-

  • Take cotton dipped in water and wipe properly under the baby’s chin and neck. Make sure to wipe well between the folds of the skin.
  • Be quick so that your baby should not get irritated while you wash his face.

4- Cleaning of Nails & Umbilical cord:-

  • Buy baby nail clipper or scissors from the market. Be careful in trimming your baby’s nails, ask for someone else help if you need. The best time to trim the nails is when your baby is asleep.
  • Umbilical cord is very delicate part. You should avoid touching it as much as possible. Wash your hands properly before handling your baby’s umbilical cord. Clean the cord area with clean water. Make sure stump should be dry after bathing. To help stump heal faster, avoid covering it with diapers.

5- Genital Care:-

It is important to take care of genital areas for good hygiene. These areas need to be clean properly to prevent infections and other disease. When your baby pee or needs to change diaper due to mess, you need to clean it properly.

  • Make sure to change the baby nappy as soon as possible.
  • Wash the genital area with cotton dipped in water or the easiest way is to use “Mother Sparsh Water Wipes”. These wipes have moisturizing content.
  • Never use soap as it can irritate the genital area.
  • Always wipe the area from front to back.
  • Give your baby some nappy free time and let her skin breathe t prevent nappy rash.
  • Avoid using talcum powder to the genital areas.

6- How to clean Cradle Cap:-

Cradle cap is generally a painless combination of scaly, dry and oily skin on scalp. It is on the top of your baby’s head. You can easily get rid of the cradle cap.

  • Pour some baby oil in your palm and smear it gently on your baby’s scalp. Let the oil settle for at least 9-10 hours. Do not wash baby head as the oil will loosen the scales.
  • Use baby soft brush and it will rub off the dead skin.
  • You can also wash the baby head twice a week with mild baby body wash.

7- Cleaning baby tongue:-

  • It is important to clean baby’s gums and tongue using plain water and a washcloth after morning and evening feeds.
  • If you baby is having teeth, then wipe then while using water and a clean wash cloth. If your baby has celebrated his first birthday then use soft toothbrush of babies with water at least twice a day.

Here are the cleansing tips that you need to know about the baby. Follow these tips and maintain the proper hygiene of your baby and keep him happy and healthy. Comment in the box below for your valuable suggestions. We are waiting for your comments.