How to take care of your baby in Monsoon?

Baby’s are very adorable and especially when it is yours. Taking care of your toddler is never easy. Monsoon brings fun but along it bring some seasonal infections too. You need to make your baby ‘monsoon ready’.
The first step towards the good health is baby’s daily hygiene and other thing is to keep your house clean. You need to keep your baby’s room clean, dry and well ventilated and also need to change the bedspreads, mop the floor with good disinfectant regularly. Wash the stored clothes in antiseptic liquids as they tend to get fungal layers.
We have come up with this article to help you out to take care of your baby this monsoon. Here is some useful information that will help you to take care of baby in monsoon.

How often should you give bathe to your baby?

Newborn babies should be given bath twice or thrice a week. It is enough to keep them clean as they don’t move around. If your baby is of 3 months or older you can schedule bath time for baby to keep him cool in the hot and humid weather. You can give baby bath in afternoon. Make sure the temperature of water should be lukewarm. Keep bath as short as possible.
Bathing baby everyday can result in making baby skin dry and can also cause rashes. Make sure to give bath when necessary or when baby needs it.

What clothes to put on baby in Monsoons?

During monsoon, the weather can change a lot in a day. The weather sometimes becomes warm and sometime gets cold & humid after rain. These temperature changes can affect your baby so it is best to dress your baby in layers. Dress up your baby in full sleeves and can also put a light cardigan on him.
Keep cotton blanket handy to cover your baby when temperature drops. You can remove the layers whenever the temperature rises or when your baby seems sweating. Keep arms and legs covered to protect baby from mosquitoes. Buy light colored clothes as dark color attracts mosquitoes.

How to protect babies from infections during monsoons?

During monsoon season, babies are prone to water borne diseases. One should take proper care of food and water. During monsoon there are chances for contamination of clean water. Give your baby filtered or boiled water. Moreover, all fruits and vegetables should be properly cleaned with water. You can also add a pinch of turmeric in water for cleaning fruits and vegetables.
If your baby is only on breastfeeding, you do not give her water even if she sweats a lot. Give timely feeding to baby it will help to keep him/her hydrated. Giving breast milk to babies can help to build better immunity in them during monsoon.

How should I maintain personal hygiene in monsoon?

With babies, it is important for parents to maintain their own personal hygiene. Toddlers generally run towards their dad when they come home after job. Stay away from your baby as you might have come in contact with dirt, germs and dirty water while travelling. So make sure to get refreshing bath or can use sanitizer before playing or cuddling with your baby.
Apart from these, keep your medical kit stuffed with all medicine, syrups and ORS as it could be required by you anytime. Follow some precautions such as:


  • Keep your baby away from people with any kind of infection.

  • Keep all utensils or containers used by baby covered with lid.

  • Keep baby skin dry and keep his/her hands clean.

Hope you have liked this article on how to take care of your baby in monsoon. Enjoy this monsoon season a lot with your babies. Do not forget to post comment in your comment box below.