Taking care of baby sensitive skin

These days’ parents keep them aware about little one sensitive skin and often buy expensive products. Sometimes buying expensive products do not help and baby still gets skin problems. Skin related issues in baby generally seem to be a very tasking job. Sometime it happens that it is difficult to find a perfect solution.

Parents experiences in their babies red rashes, over secretion of oil and extreme dryness when temperature changes. Know about the fact that “A baby skin is 20% thinner and it develops in few months after birth.” This happens because the protective layers on baby skin haven’t formed completely and they are very sensitive to allergens.

Maintaining pH level of baby Skin:-

Baby skin is ultra sensitive and delicate. It can’t be treated with skincare products which are of adults. Reason behind it is that baby skin has pH level around 7 which is neutral and as we grow up it start shifting to acidic level.

It implies that if there is any shift in the pH level of skin then it can lead to chafing, redness, dryness and irritation. This can also cause harmful organism to invade skin and lead it to infections.

The shift in pH level can be due to perfumes, dyes and other chemicals found in clothes and also in baby skincare products. These all can cause skincare problem for baby. So, it is important to maintain pH level of baby skin but you might be thinking how can you maintain pH level of baby’s skin?

Essential for taking care of baby sensitive skin:-

The first thing you should consider is to choose right skincare products and other things that come in contact to your little one. When purchasing baby care products, read label and its following ingredients carefully. If the products are alkaline baby skin will show dryness. So, go for the products whose pH level is close to 5.5 and not more than this level.

Ensure that the products do not cause any irritant such as parabens, paraffins and sulphates. Also, select baby soaps, lotions, creams and body wash for baby with great care. You can use gentle and mild products for your baby.


Mother Sparsh Baby products are very mild and gentle for baby delicate skin and are Ayurvedic products. These products are free from Parabens, sodium bicarbonate, baking soda, charcoal and do not contain any color and artificial flavors. These products will cause no harm to baby skin unless he/she is allergic to any ingredient present in it.

There are many things that parents have to consider for safety of their young ones. Keep in mind above and make your baby skin soft, supple and also healthy.