Baby Care Products you really Need

Getting ready for new baby is really exciting. Parents get ready and start their shopping with the little thing that newborn will require. The list includes that adorable onesies, tiny clothes, little caps, super-tiny socks, and of course a diaper which will be bagful. But don’t stop there, being prepared for a baby means you will need to stock up few baby care products too.

When it comes to your baby grooming things you have to fill up your shopping cart with very few items but they needs to be best. First of all forget about that shampoo and lotions. You will not require them to mask it on your baby. So, here is some baby care essential to have with you when newborn arrived.

Baby Grooming Products:-


  • 1. Cotton Balls:- Keep a bag of sterile cotton balls around you. For the first few weeks, you have to clean your newborn with a cotton ball dipped in plain water as this is the gentlest way to clean that delicate skin of your newborn. They will also help to clean those tiny and beautiful blue eyes.
  • 2. Baby Oil:- You can use baby oil for massage and it can also be used to get rid of the cradle cap which is a harmless, crusty scalp condition. Apply Baby oil on cotton ball and then apply it on your baby. Make sure not to use it daily and avoid making your baby oiled up as it can make your baby slippery.
  • 3. Baby Wipes:- When your baby is of 2 to 3 weeks you can start using wipes on your baby. Just look for the wipes which are hypoallergenic, alcohol and fragrance free. Wipes are also great for clean the spit-ups on clothes, leaky diaper spills and cleaning hands on the go. Mother Sparsh baby wipes are water based wipes with 98% water that make them gentlest and as safe as cotton and pure water. These wipes will work great on your baby’s tender bottom.
  • 4. Baby Body Wash:- When it comes to baby soap or baby body wash, the shorter the ingredients more better the soap. Buy the soap or body was without too many additives and fragrances. A gentle baby wash will help you out.
  • 5. Petroleum Jelly:- Petroleum Jelly will help you in number of tasks. You can apply a bit of jelly on the thermometer to lubricate it before you take your baby’s temperature rectally. It will also help to prevent diaper rash to your baby.
  • 6. Baby Nail Clipper:- Look for a pair of scissors which is with rounded tips and also with a magnifier so that it could be easier to see clearly while cutting that tiny nails. Ask for baby clipper, do not go and buy the one which is used for adults as that is larger and also shaper.
  • 7. A Soft Brush:- If your baby is born bald, you have to keep that brush in your drawer for couple of months. If baby is little fuzz-head then you can use comb to detangle wet hair.
  • 8. Baby Tub:- New babies become very slippery when they are wet and handling them is very difficult even for most confident parents. So, invest in a baby tub to make sure baby’s first bath is fun and safe. This will help to prevent your little one from sliding into the water. So opt for a tub with following features:-

  • Have smooth rounded edge and which is easy to wash.
  • Support’s baby head and shoulder.
  • Is portable.
  • Have nonskid bottoms.
  • Large enough for baby who is 4 - 5 months year old.

These are some baby care products that you really need before your newborn step into this world. Buy these important essentials and give the best care to your little one. Pleases like and leave your wonderful comments below.