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Essential Baby products every parent needs to buy?

Getting ready for your baby is fun. Parent’s gets too delighted buying those beautiful, cute and tiny clothes and other accessories for baby. Shopping those adorable little things for baby sometimes is very hectic. Parents visiting a store will see thousands of products lying but it is not necessary to buy everything. Only buy things that seem necessary.

You need to prepare yourself with few essential baby products; there is no need to buy unnecessary items. So, what all you should put in your cart? If we talk about baby’s grooming needs then less is best. You should stock up with basic care essentials. So here are some of the essential baby products that you should buy for your baby.

Baby Grooming products:-

  • Cotton: - This is the first thing you would need. During the first few weeks, when your baby is born cotton balls dipped in water can be used for washing your baby small beautiful eyes. This is very gentle for baby skin. Always keep sterile cotton around you.

  • Baby Wipes: - First few weeks you need to clean up your baby with cotton balls and plain water. You can also look for the wipes which are Alcohol free and hypoallergenic. Buy the water wipes such as Mother Sparsh water wipes as they are as gentle to baby as cotton and water. These water wipes will work best on your baby’s tender bottom. It also prevent baby from diaper rashes.

  • Baby body wash: - When it comes to baby bathing essential, keep the list to minimum. Buy the baby soap or lotion with less number of ingredients in it. Go for soap or body wash which contains mild fragrance and should be without too many additives. Prefer to buy head to toe body wash for your baby.

  • Baby Oil: - The baby oil is best for improving blood circulation and improving the bone strength of baby. Try to use sesame oil for your baby as it is best for muscles, joints and bones. Baby massage also creates a bond between child and parent.

  • Baby Powder: - Baby powder helps to keep baby soft, cool and comfortable. Baby powder protects skin from skin rashes, itching, irritation and other skin allergies. Baby powder also acts as natural moisturizer. Buy one which is very mild and with good fragrance.

  • Baby nail clippers: - To keep your little ones hands and feet clean. Baby can also hurt himself by his sharp nails so it is necessary to keep right sized nail clipper. You can buy baby nail clippers with magnifier so that you can see what you are doing.

  • Wide toothed baby Comb: - You can buy hair styling tool like soft baby brush or wide toothed baby comb. You can use these tools to detangle baby wet hairs. If your baby does not have hairs then you may need to keep these in drawer for few months.

  • Baby Tub: - New born babies are very difficult to bathe. They are very slippery and squirmy. You need to be safe and also be confident while bathing them. Opt for a tub that will prevent him from sliding into water. Buy one which is portable and also support baby head and shoulders.

  • Digital thermometer: - You need to buy a digital thermometer. It should be available at your home. You can buy one of any brand as it is fast, accurate and also inexpensive. It is must have baby product in your cart.

Are you ready for your baby? Add these essential baby products in your shopping cart. These products will be sufficient to your newborn babies care. Nurture your baby with care.