How To Establish Good Sleeping Habits In Your Newborns

New born babies sleep a lot in the very beginning around 16-18 hours in a day. But due to need of frequent feeds, your baby will not sleep more than two to three hours at a stretch during day or night. Every baby is different indeed but still your night is most likely to be disturbed in first few months.

There are changes happening in the brain of the newborn due to which new born babies sleep cycle is short and they experience easily disturbed sleep. You will be experiencing this more in first two months
If you want your baby to sleep at night, than establish perfect habits from the starting itself:

Signals Revealing Your Baby Is Tired:

    Clear signs that shows he is sleepy during the first three weeks includes

  • Becoming calm and quite
  • Rubbing eyes
  • Crying and whining
  • Flicking ear with his/her hand
  • Yawning and excessive stretching
  • Staring into space
  • Losing interest in people and toys
  • Many times baby bury their face in your chest it is also a sign of sleepiness and that he/she is ready for a nap.

Make your baby aware about the difference in day and night

    When your baby is around two weeks old, than it’s the time to show him/her the difference between day and night. During the day time when your baby is alert, there are certain activities which are to be done like

  • Change his/her clothes to show your baby a new day is going to start.
  • Keep the house and your baby’s room light and bright
  • Interact, play and talk with him/her as much as you can.
  • Sing or talk with your baby during the daytime feed.
  • Make your baby hear the daytime noises like television sound, washing machine noise etc.
  • If after feed your baby feels sleepy, very softly and gently wake him/her up.

  • At Night

  • Bring your baby in his/her night dress, to show that the day is going to end.
  • While night feeds, try not to communicate with your baby.
  • Keep the lights dim or turn the lights off.
  • Keep the volume of noises low.
  • Above listed tips will surely help you to understand your baby better and begin with this beautiful journey happily.