How to make your Baby Burp?

Being a new parent is a big role in our life. A parent needs to master in lots of task. Along with changing baby diapers, holding a baby, mastering to swaddle a baby but the one thing which you need lot of practice is to make your baby burp.

What is burping?

Burping is to release the trapped air or we can say gas from the digestive tracts through the mouth which is swallowed while feeding. Some babies are not burped frequently and too much swallowed air can lead them to spitting up, crankiness and gassiness. So burping is one way parents can help their baby to get rid of that trapped gas.

Why babies need to burp?

When gas bubbles get stuck in your baby’s stomach, which can cause feeling of discomfort and fullness and it can also cause some babies to cry. Babies usually cry as a signal to express all the feelings, whether they are tired, hungry, wet, so it becomes hard to know if they cry due to gas discomfort or anything else. That’s the reason you need to burp your baby regularly, even if your baby doesn’t show discomfort.

It is important for parents to know how to burp your baby? So, read the technique further in article.

It is not a difficult task. Making your baby burp means to gentle patting on your baby’s back. You need to place a towel or a bib on your shoulder before patting him as sometime your baby may spit up a wet burp. A towel may prevent the messy cleanup. There different positions for making baby burp. Mostly parents prefer these three below listed methods.

Methods to make your baby burp:-

How to make your Baby Burp?

  • Hold your baby against your chest: - Make your baby chin rest on your shoulder and support your baby with the other hand. Gently pat on your baby’s back with the free hand. Sit in a rocking chair or gently rock with your baby as this may help your baby to burp. This is the best method for newborn baby.

  • Hold your baby sitting up on your lap: - This method is for the babies who are older than 4 months as they can sit. So, make your baby sit on your lap facing away from you. Support your baby body with one arm and place hands to support your baby chest, chin and jaw while your fingers. Make sure to keep fingers away from the throat. Now lean your baby slightly forward and pat or rub her back with your free hand.

  • Lay baby on his or her back: - Support your baby’s head and make sure it’s higher than his or her chest. Gently pat on back of your baby.

While rubbing your baby’s back talk or sing softly to him or gently rub his back. Your voice will make your baby to relax. If you feel your baby is uncomfortable then you can try different position for burping.

Now, you might be thinking that what if patting doesn’t work for your baby?

If your baby has trapped air and that can’t bring up by patting and stroking, there are other ways you can help. You can try to give her a warm bath which will help her to relax. After bath you can give baby a gentle tummy massage. Give massage with smooth hands and in circular, clockwise motion on your baby’s tummy. This can also help your baby to soothe and release trapped air.

Other question that can strike to the parents mind will be what if baby sleeps while feeding? How to make baby burp while sleeping?

Mostly parents think that there is no need for burping if your baby falls asleep during or after a feed. If your baby has fallen asleep while they are eating, you still need to make them burp. A good way to burp is to hold baby over your shoulder. Keeping your baby upright on your lap can help but it could disturb baby’s sleep. Gently pat for few minutes as process should not be too long as it could disturb baby’s sleep.

Over the counter Medicines to relieve gas in Infants

If nothing is working fine to relieve your baby gas problem then try gripe water, a herbal based remedy that often includes a combination of stomach calming herbs such as pudina, saunf like Mother Sparsh Gripe water as it is free from Alcohol, Parabens and do not contains any artificial color or flavor. Gripe water is very helpful for stomach discomforts, gas, colic, teething and hiccups in babies.

So, learn these methods and make your baby burp. Please add your comment and suggestions to the comment box below. Happy Parenting.