How to Take Care of Baby’s Cradle Cap?

Cradle cap appears as a red area on your newborn’s scalp covered by yellow, scaly and greasy patches. With time, these scales become flaky and get rubbed off easily. Sometimes scales can cover baby’s entire scalp, nappy area, armpits, nose, and face. This condition is called is called dermatitis (Seborrhoeic eczema).

What is the reason behind Baby’s Cradle Cap?

It is believed that Cradle Cap is due to hormones left in baby’s body from pregnancy. It stimulates the secretions from oil glands in the skin due to which skin cells on baby’s head stick to head. When this secretion starts reducing after birth, cradle cap gets cleared. Presence of allergic conditions like eczema in the family history is also the reason of Cradle Cap.

When the baby has cradle cap there are chances that your baby may develop dermatitis condition like dandruff later in life.

How to treat Baby’s Cradle Cap?

Usually baby’s cradle cap disappears itself after few weeks or months after birth.

But still there are ways to remove scales when your baby is having Cradle Cap.

  • Wash baby’s scalp with mild Ayurvedic Shampoo and remove the loosened flakes with the help of a soft brush.
  • Gently massage Sesame based oil on baby’s scalp. You can leave the oil overnight and then remove the flakes in the morning. Remove the rest of oil by Shampooing with mild Ayurvedic Shampoo. Do not use any strong shampoo on your baby’s mild scalp as it can worsen situation. Avoid using mustard oil or olive oil on your baby’s scalp as it damages the skin barrier.

In case your baby’s cradle cap appears to be swollen, damaged or you notice any kind of bleeding in that area, this can be any kind of infection, consult your doctor.