Infant Parenting Tips

It’s Infant Care around which Motherhood completely revolves. Infant meaning baby or newborn turns out be of utmost importance for every mother. Baby is considered to be Infant from birth to the age of one.

Parenting also known as child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, intellectual & financial development of a child from infancy to adulthood but this responsibility require more effort during Infanthood.

Essential Parenting Tips for your Infant



  • Keep yourself as well as the surrounding clean
  • Ensure the use sanitizer before touching your Infant, keep the room clean, sterilize toys etc.
  • Make sure to remain germ free as your infant is highly vulnerable to infection

    Picking Up & Holding Baby

  • One hand should support head & neck and other should support baby’s bottom
  • Make sure your infant is fully secured if you are taking out in carrier or stroller
  • Avoid bouncing or shaking baby in air

    Diapers Dilemma

  • Your Infant is going to soil diaper more than times a day so it is advised to maintain a proper stock.
  • Keep the area clean especially the creases to avoid rashes
  • Prefer Water Wipes, avoid soap wipes and use ointment suggested by doctor

    Feeding & Burping goes all together

  • It is must to understand when your baby is hungry so learn the signs
  • Making sucking noises, putting fingers in mouth, crying etc. are some of the signs
  • Feed your baby only when he/she is hungry
  • It is recommended to make your baby burp after feed to avoid gas.

    Sleep is an important Activity

  • Sleep is the most important activity for your Infant
  • 12-15 hours of sleep is must to facilitate growth
  • Cuddle your Baby or sing lullabies for sound sleep

    Learn ways to soothe your baby

  • Learn to understand the ways behind your baby’s crying
  • Keep burping your baby frequently
  • Paying tunes, singing, shushing, swaddling helps to soothe your baby

    Stay Calm & Composed

  • Even if you are unable to handle your baby, stay calm.
  • Avoid unwanted & confusing advices.
  • Be cheerful and enjoy all the moments of your parenthood

    Seek help when needed

  • Take advice from experienced people, it adds confidence.
  • Take help for lactation & breastfeeding
  • In case you are facing difficulty, take full time help for handling your baby in the initial months.

Learning these tips can help you to take better care of your Infant.