Things happen with your baby just after they are born

Babies are something that changes the couple life completely. The joy of bringing a life into the world cannot be defined. New mother is very happy to see how the little one will look which she is nurturing in her womb for 9 months. The feeling is amazing. Isn’t it?

You might have read all the details how to take care of your baby and what all to buy, how to use and everything in details but have you ever thought that what happen to your newborn immediately after he/she is born?

Have you read that? You might know about all the suffering during labor and after but what your baby suffers is something you should be aware of. Here today, in this article we will tell you 5 things that happen with your baby in first few hours.

5 things that happen with your baby just after birth:-

1- Baby is covered with sticky substance

5-things-that-happen-with-your-baby-just-after-birth At the time of birth, the baby is covered with a cheesy substance. This is something which is called as vernix caseosa. Vernix helps baby to protect delicate skin from the acidic quality of amniotic fluid and to help keep infection at bay. It also acts as a moisturizer for baby skin.

It also act as baby warmer which helps baby to maintain its body temperature. Once this coating is wiped off, you will be able to see your baby skin properly.

2- Baby puke immediately after birth

When babies are in the womb, they are covered with a fluid which is called as amniotic fluid. This fluid helps to keep baby alive. As soon as they come out of the womb, they need to breathe the air. As they are in amniotic fluid their lungs are filled with fluid that needs to be out. The fluid comes out in the form of puke. Once that is done, they are able to take first breath.

3- Baby’s First Poop

The first poop of baby is called as meconium, which is generally black in color. The first poop is filled with again that amniotic fluid and skin cells. Babies pass first poop on first day after they start breastfeeding but some baby passes meconium in womb during birth process.
Slowly, excretion changes to green to finally yellow in color. This is another weird thing you need to know about your little one.

4- They burn Fats

The outer world is very much cooler for the baby and they do not have ability to maintain their temperature. When baby is born, they burn the brown fats which are only available for babies to maintain their body temperature. So, it tells that your little one comes prepared for this new world.

5- Blood from the Cord

mother-sparsh-baby-care-rangeAs you all know, that in the womb baby most of nutrition through the umbilical cord including the blood which they need to grow. When your little one comes out, the umbilical cord is clipped and your baby is separated from your body. Still baby takes benefits from the umbilical cord which is left connected.

Your little one draws blood and nutrients into him/her after they are born. Gradually, the absorption gets completed and the umbilical cord dries and sheds away.
So, did you find it amazing and something new? These are 5 things that happen to your baby just after birth and which you might have never heard. Give your comments in the comment section below and stay tuned for more articles.