Things you need to know about Baby Wipes

When you are taking care of baby the first and foremost thing to look upon is the baby hygiene. Yes, baby hygiene is not just about diapering, that’s not sufficient. In fact, with every diaper-change, the skin of your baby is vulnerable to dryness and rashes, and if it is not cleared properly, it can make your baby vulnerable to bacterial infections.

The major problem you will face when you will be travelling somewhere. Cleaning your baby might not be possible all the time while travelling. This is where your baby wipes help you out. But, as a parent you should be very careful of what you are using or going to use on your baby’s skin. So, you will think now that: Are baby wipes safe for your baby’s delicate skin? If such things are creeping in your mind then continue reading this article about baby wipes.

What is the need of wipes for baby?

  • As you know very well that first few months, your little one will be only feeding, sleeping and pooping. Isn’t it? Although you will notice this process will repeat after every 3-4 hours. This result in an average 8 to 10 diaper changes in a day. So, here comes the need of baby wipes. At every diaper change, baby wipes are the must-have for every mother. The reason being they are very convenient to use and they can be used not only on babies bottoms but also to clean baby hands, face and tiny feet.

Are baby wipes loaded with chemicals?

  • Chemicals are everywhere and you cannot thing that the baby products are all free from chemicals. Generally, to keep away the growth of bacteria’s and fungus away from damp baby wipes packet or boxes, some preservatives are added. Some wipes are present with number of added chemicals and lotion for moisturizing effect.

Is it safe to use wipes on Baby?

  • Although baby wipes have certain chemicals but the fact is that the baby wipes are very convenient to use especially when you are constantly on the go. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the safest wipes for your baby:-
  • Use Baby wipes that are free from Alcohol and Parabens as they will minimize the irritation.
  • Avoid rubbing bottom of the baby with wipes during nappy change. Wipe slowly and gently.
  • Uses wipes during nappy change only and avoids using them on baby’s mouth and reduce the chances of an allergy.
  • Use protective barriers such as thin layer of petroleum jelly to your baby’s bottom after every nappy change. It will also avoid close contact of baby’s skin with the chemicals present in wipes.
  • Try to buy organic, chemical free wipes as they are easily available in market nowadays.
  • Opt for water based wipes such as Mother Sparsh baby wipes. These are made up of 98% water and are pH balanced, hypo-allergenic and Alcohol-free which makes them another excellent choice. These wipes are easily online.

So, these were thing that you should know about baby wipes. Take care of these points while buying the wipe for your baby and try to choose the best and safest one. Please share your comments and suggestion in the box below and stay tuned for more articles. Happy Parenting.