Remarkable Tips to Take Care of First Month Baby

Remarkable Tips to Take Care of First Month Baby

If you are a first-time mom of a one-month-old baby, you can face some difficulties to take care of your baby properly. You may feel concerned about the baby‘s health, feeding, and other safety issues. Being a first-time mother you can get confused about what to choose for baby or what to leave. So, today we will talk about new born baby care tips that can help you care your baby in a precise way.

New born babies require regular feeding and their sleeping patterns are also uncertain. Most of the kids tend to sleep during the daytime and stay awake at night. So, mothers can feel irritated as babies’ different timing of sleeping can make them restless.

So, here we have some important one-month baby care tips that can help you feed your baby accurately and keep him safe and healthy.


Feed Your Baby Frequently :

Newborns need to be fed many times a day. You should feed your one-month-old infant at least six times a day. If you are breastfeeding your baby, you can enhance the feed up to 12 times a day.

Feed-Your-Baby-FrequentlyYou don’t need to control feeding times as your baby has an unpredictable sleeping and feeding schedule.


Understand Sleep Signs and Let Baby Sleep :

Understand-Sleep-Signs-and-Let-Baby-SleepTaking care of baby sleep patterns is a necessary part of baby’s overall care. It’s true their sleeping timings are uncertain and they can sleep at any hour of the day. So, you should let your one-month-old baby sleep as per his comfort. Most of the babies sleep soon after their feed.


Play and Interact With Her  :

Play-and-Interact-With-HerInteraction with babies is necessary to make a strong parent-child bond. Respond to your baby actions, play with him and talk to your baby. Play some music to make them feel better. Make sure you place your babies on their tummies for a short duration, as they are too small to stay longer. You should also introduce them to some colorful and sound producing toys to give them a cheerful environment.


Don’t Hesitate to Seek Help :

It is always good to take help of experienced people during pregnancy and after delivery of the child. If you become a mother for the first time, it is obviously difficult to understand some important aspects of your baby. So, it’s always good to take the advice of experienced people such as your mother, friends, and relatives.

Tips for breastfeeding and other essential things related to the baby can be useful.


Navel Healing Is Important :

The umbilical cord of your baby and navel can take at least 1-4 weeks to heal completely. Make sure you give only a sponge bath to your baby before the umbilical cord gets stubbed out. The color of the navel, as well as cord, can change from yellow to black.

In a case, if you find any foul smell or red scars, you need to consult the doctor.


Learn Ways to Soothe Your Baby :

Crying is normal for a newborn baby, so don’t get scared. Instead of getting scared about why my baby is crying understand the reason. It’s the only way that your baby can communicate, so have to understand him.


Maintain a Proper Hygiene :

For the better health care for your baby, it is necessary you are focusing on hygiene. Ensure that you are cleaning your baby bottom appropriately after pooping and peeing. For this purpose, you can either use baby wipes such as Mother Sparsh Water Wipes – made of natural fabric.

Maintain-a-Proper-Hygiene-with-mother-sparsh-water-wipesIt is necessary to clean baby’s bottom after every diaper change. So, using quality wipes will be a good idea to maintain a good baby’s hygiene. Applying a soft moisturizer after changing diaper will also be great to prevent rashes in baby’s skin.


Handle Your Baby with Care :

Newborns are too delicate and you should always handle them with supreme care. Whenever you hold your baby, always support the head and neck. Most important thing is that if you are taking your baby out in a stroller; make sure that he is fully safe.

Handle-Your-Baby-with-CareSo, for the better care of your baby, you must keep all above-mentioned tips in mind. Besides this, taking the advice of a doctor is another good idea for a proper baby care.

Always make a right choice for your baby so he can stay healthy and happy.

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