Separation–Prepare Your Baby for It

Separation–Prepare Your Baby for It

If you have never left your baby with someone else, it can be difficult to do for the first time. Most of the parents go through the mixed feelings when it comes to baby separation. They feel excited to do something for themselves and at the same time they feel scary for their baby. Trust, communication, and nurturing relationship are the main prominent essentials in any childcare relationship. If you become a parent for the first time, it can take time to build such bond with your child, but it happens at all.

But when a moment comes when you have to separate from your child because of your job and other work stuff, you may feel worried. Whatever the reason is for being apart from your child but you have to prepare your child and yourself also for it.

And how you can do it – tips are here to assist you.

Let’s start!

Start With Goodbye Routine :

Whenever it comes to separation, ensure that you prepare your baby for it in a good way. At this small stage, your child can’t understand your words, but your actions can speak a lot.  You can initiate with small goodbye routine.



At the very first time, leave your baby for some time who is known to him. And when your kid will get used to it, increase the duration for the next day. Initially, it can be tough to go through this situation but with the time your kid will develop a habit of it so, you can free stress-free.


Try Hide and Seek Game :

In our childhood, we all have played hide and seek – a game of disappearance and reappearance. This game can help your little cutie to understand that you can go away for some time but always there for him/her.



Most of the parents also say that such types of games increase the excitement in your baby and make a parent-child relationship strong.


Set a Positive Tone for Separating :

Whether you are sad or happy, your kid can easily understand you. Even a small infant can understand that her mom is upset. So, when you are separating from your child don’t show your sadness on your face. Your sad face can make your child insecure and worried. Your little sweetie can conclude that he is not going to be loved by another person.

So, no matter how you feel at this moment but you have to look happy. Tell your kid that he is going to have great fun with a shiny smile on your face.


Ask Your Babysitter To Take Your Child Out :

Ask your babysitter to take your child out in a park or playground before you leave. If you are regularly going through this your child will start taking it as his daily routine. Moreover, it is also easier for your child to leave you than to have you leave him.


Ask-Your- Babysitter-To-Take-Your-Child-Out

Importantly, it is necessary to ensure that your child is already aware of it that you won’t be there when he will come back from the park.


Attract Your Child with Special Treat :

This is what can help you maintain some distance with your child. No doubt when you will leave your child at your friend’s house or with a babysitter, he will uneasy and start crying. At such situation, a cute teddy, doll or a different toy can distract your child.



In some cases, music tunes also work great when it comes to making your child happy. You can try by playing soft music and sing a melody yourself.


Talk To Your Baby Before You Leave :

Most of the babies get frightened when they realize their mom has left the room. This can be quite frustrating for anyone when you have to complete other important stuff. So, starting it earlier can help alleviate this fear. As soon as you leave the room, talk your baby wherever you are sitting. You don’t need to be loud for it. You just have to make sure that your voice can reach your child’s room so that he can feel your presence.

By the repetition of this process, your baby will get used to this and conclude that you are always there for him, even when you leave the room.

Besides this, you should also ask your babysitter to feed your child in front of you. This can develop a habit in your baby to take the meal in your absence.

Hope these tips will help you prepare your baby for the separation. Additionally, if you find this post interesting, please like it and share it with new mothers also. And if you have any suggestion for other mothers please share it in the comment box.

Thank You!


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