Taking care of your Newborn Baby

Taking care of your Newborn Baby

When you are back home with Newborn is a big responsibility and first few weeks with the baby can be very hard. If you are first-time parents then it will be very difficult for both of you to manage. It will be helpful for you if you are living in joint family. Most problems are faced by the couple living far away from home.

Newborn means lots of responsibilities like feeding, soothing, cleaning, etc. There are some things that will come naturally and others may not. In this article, we will discuss some things that are necessary to know for making a good start with your little one.

 1.  Holding a New Born: –

This is a very difficult task. Isn’t it? Holding a small baby which is so delicate is very hard for some new parents. They feel that the baby might get hurt. Baby may be very fragile but do not afraid to touch, hold or to handle them.

Holding-a-New-BornIt is important to hold the baby in arms as it comes with additional benefits. Some studies have shown that babies who are held in arms for at least 2 hours daily cry less.  While picking up baby, place your hands under baby’s neck as it is very delicate.

2.  Bathing: –

This is another thing that you need to learn. Bathing a baby is the biggest challenge for a new mom. In starting, take help from elder to see how you can bathe the baby or take help of your spouse.

In starting weeks, give a sponge bath to babies and until his umbilical cord falls off. After that, give him regular bath three times a week. This will be the best time to bond up with your kid. Do not get nervous if your baby cries as it is normal. Buy a gentle cleanser and wash baby gentle. You can buy anti-skid baby bathtub for your comfort.

3.  Diaper Change: –

This is another challenge for parents. As hygiene is another big thing that needs to be taken care of. Changing diapers from time to time is very important and newborn may pee or poo more than 10 times in a day. To make the job easy for you bring the home number of diapers and water-based wipes such as Mother Sparsh baby wipes.

Diaper-ChangeDiapers mean diaper rashes will be along but cleaning on time and maintaining baby’s hygiene is very important. Use water-based wipes to clean as they are safe and prevents rashes and other allergies. Change diapers after every 3 hours and give some diaper free time to the baby is also necessary.

4.  Comforting: –

You baby will cry a lot but do not worry it is normal. During first 2-3 months, baby cries at least 2 hours in a day. To give your baby comforts see what may be the reason behind his cry. Maybe the baby is hungry or it can be any other reason too like gas, etc. Other reasons may be Does baby need the diaper change? Is it napping time for baby? Is baby surrounded in some noisy place? Manage the situation with minimum panic for the tiny tot.

Try to soothe baby while holding in arms, gently rocking her or you can also sing to the baby softly. Try to reassure her with your voice. You can rub on her back this will be another good reason to calm and give your baby comfort. Sometimes the baby is uncomfortable in the position she is laid, try to change the position and provide baby comfort.

New parents find it little difficult to handle their newborn babies as they fear in touching them as babies are very delicate. You are the one on whom they are dependent for everything. Parents have to do everything so do not fear to learn, seek help from elders, read the article and you can also buy parents magazine. These all things can help you out in your initial parenting days.

Be careful and gather sufficient knowledge you require as a parent. Do not hesitate to ask suggestions from fellow parents. So, are you ready for the big responsibility? Did you find this article interesting and helpful? Please leave a comment in the comment section below. Also, like and share to help new parents know about this information.

Enjoy your Parenthood!


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