Things couples should do before baby arrives

Things couples should do before baby arrives

Life will be totally changed when your baby arrives. Some changes may be temporary and some will be permanent.  Changes are will be permanent are set of responsibilities that come with a child. You will be busy in your life and will also get very less time to spend together. There are some experiences you will definitely like to enjoy before the entrance of baby in your life.

Spending some time with your partner before the baby will be special and will create a bond and strengthen your relationship. Today, we will discuss about some things that you should do before baby arrives.

Things couples should do before Baby arrives :

  • Learn some Dance Forms: –

Don’t be surprised! Dancing with your partner is something very romantic and intimate. You will love yourself wrapped in your husband’s arm. Try to learn some new moves of dance forms like Salsa, Tango, etc. which will bring you two together.

  • Perform some Yoga: –

Go and join some Prenatal Partner Yoga classes. It is the best you can do to improve your and baby’s health. This is safe and will have the number of benefits for pregnant mothers and baby. It is also good as you make the bond with other parents and will also lower the stress level. It’s another thing you both can do to spend quality time together.

  • Go for a Road Trip:-

This is the perfect time to go on a road trip with your better half.

Its great time to spend with your partner. Explore some good places and some great eating joints.

  • Movie Night: –

It will be very difficult to take out some time for movies after having a kid. You will not be able to see movies till your baby is old enough to understand it. Your baby can start crying by the sound effects so this is the best time to go for movies together at weekends or go to see late night movie.

  • Schedule a Spa Day: –

In the first trimester, you can hit the spa together. Get an appointment fixed and both of you can go for the little pampering.

It is the best option to fight anxiety and depression, get relief from joints pain and contribute to an easier labor. Remember; go to a massage therapist who is certified in prenatal massage.

  • Go out for Dining: –

Eating out with a Baby is not possible at all. So, don’t miss this chance, go together to your favorite restaurant and order something that’s your both like the most.

  • Have Breakfast Together:-

Spend your weekend’s morning together. Have breakfast together and then plan ahead for the day. Morning time will be your best leisure time to spend with your husband.

  • Order Spicy Take out: –

If you’re one of those who like to have something spicy like potato chips, noodles, fried rice, etc. Savor a spicy meal from your favorite Thai restaurant. You can enjoy this time with your partner. So dig it now as it will be impossible to have till you are planning to breastfeed your baby.

  • Leave a Note: –

It’s time to reflect on the love you’re already feeling for someone who’s not even born. You too can write down your feelings on the piece of paper for your kid and can give to him or her in future. You can give it in occasion like his graduation day or when he turns 18. These love notes from mother and father will grow the family bond stronger.

Parents are always looking for better future of their children and in this race they forget to focus on each other. Spending time together when you are expecting a baby will make your love grow strong.

Husband and wife are very important to each other in the journey of life. With time understanding each other will develop more. So, give yourself time before you both become busy.

Do you like this article? So, will you make your weekend special? What did you do together before your baby was born? Please share your experiences in the comment section and also share this article with other parents-to-be. Like this article and keep reading articles.

Happy Parenting!

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