Things you should know about your Baby Wipes

Things you should know about your Baby Wipes

The most basic, yet necessary of all baby products you would find is a pack/container of baby wipes. This is something a mother uses almost all day long because peeing and pooping and diaper changing never gets over with the baby. Also, the water based wipes can be used for cleaning up the mess while feeding and to freshen up the baby’s face. Hence, being a mother, you make sure that you always opt for skin friendly & wipes with 100% natural fabric that are safe and harmless.

It is well understood that any products containing high amounts of chemicals would cause skin irritation and rashes on the baby’s delicate skin. The market is full of such harmful stuff. One should be attentive enough to understand that the face/hand wipes available for adults is just not a thing to be used on those little blossoms.

Even when buying the wipes for your little one, make sure you check the ingredients. Many of the wipes contain harmful stuff like polyester, alcohol and mainly paraben. All these can lead to one dirty thing: rashes.

What are Parabens?

Paraben is the most widely used preservative added in all the personal care products, hence, you as a mommy make an aim to get the right parabens free baby wipes. Though paraben free products keep popping up now and then, it is the best if the ingredients are self checked. This ingredient when added in the baby wipes harm the skin by preventing the natural moisturising of the skin.

Now-a-days is the time for all the biodegradable products, then why leave the baby wipes behind? Yes! Biodegradable wipes are a hit. But what are these? Lets us find out.

The Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Wipes

Choosing a good quality baby wipe is the most important then why not choose the biodegradable skin friendly natural fibre wipes? The increasing ratio of man v/s the garbage disposed is something to worry about and starting off with small little favours is all it takes.


Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are one such eco-friendly baby wipes that does not add to the pollution on mother earth. Yes! These wipes decompose easily with time. Hence, you add your part in saving mother earth and using the best baby wipes for the angel.

Why do Normal Baby Wipes cause Rashes?

Viscose and Polyester are two such ingredients that you are sure to find in baby wipes. Why? The only answer to this is cost saving. However, company’s cost saving in its products generally leads to harming the baby’s skin. Polyester, an end product of waste plastic, is nothing but a chemical used in the production of cables and wires. Viscose on the other hand is a synthetic.

So, it is understood that using any product with these ingredients on your baby is a blunder you can make. Polyester and viscose based skin wipes are a sure cause of skin irritation, rashes and redness on the baby.

What Baby Wipes would Suit your Baby’s Skin?

Checking the ingredients should always be the first on list. If I be a Mom, kicking up the Parabens free baby wipes would be my top priority. If the ingredients are unknown to you, take help from Google, but never go with fake advertisements that may cause a blunder.


So what do you need to check while buying the baby wipes? Follow the points below:

  • Alcohol and paraben free baby wipes
  • Wipes made of natural fibres or 100% cotton
  • Should be water based
  • 100% biodegradable and safe
  • Should not contain synthetics and polyester

The Mother Sparsh Water Based Baby Wipes

Containing 98% of only water, the Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes are velvety and super soft on the baby’s delicate skin. These are made of 100% plant-based fabric, which means it is biodegradable.


This clinically tested and approved baby wipes are therefore baby skin friendly and eco-friendly. Also, the wipes are easily affordable, hence pocket-friendly.

Why choose Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes over the Brands already Available?

There are number of baby wipe brands available around the market. These products however may contain polyester or viscose, which are a direct link to skin rashes on the baby’s delicate skin.

Mother Sparsh on the other hand is a clinically proven 100% biodegradable water wipe, which is made of skinfriendly natural fabric wipes.Also, the 98% water content in these wipes makes sure that the moisture is retained in the baby’s skin. Hence, Mother Sparsh baby wet wipes are the best choice you can make to keep the baby away from skin problems.

Hope reading this content helped you figure out the right choice made for choosing the baby wipes. Even though I’m not a mother till date, it comes out as a humble request to choose the best organic, natural and chemical-free baby products for the little one.

All the best Mothers! Do leave a comment below to tell us about the product and if any improvements be made.

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