Tips to Keep Baby’s Skin Soft and Supple

Tips to Keep Baby’s Skin Soft and Supple

To become a mother is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Motherhood is the phase of a woman’s life when her priorities completely change and she remains totally focused on her child. For her well-being and happiness of the baby becomes a top priority. For a right upbringing of child physical and mental development, healthy food, hygiene, nourishment and many other things are essential. And proper skin care is also one of those important essentials.

The skin of kids is soft and sensitive so, needs a proper care. If you are not paying attention to your child’s skin, he or she can suffer from various issues.

Here are some tips that can make your baby’s skin soft and moisturized.

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Know Your Kid’s Skin :

The surface area of baby’s skin is larger than an adult’s so, resulting in rapid loss of moisture and heat.  The main thing that is necessary to keep in mind is that a child’s skin is 20-30% thinner than adult’s skin. It means babies skin is more delicate and needs extra care.

The skin of the newborn takes time to adjust from a liquid environment of the womb to air. The best ways to protect skin is to keep your baby warm and hydrated.


Massage with Natural Oils :

In the market, a range of baby oils can be found. However, choosing a right one is necessary to give a smooth and safe massage to your kid. Most of the baby oils contain chemicals and fragrance that can irritate your kid’s sensitive skin so, you must avoid the use.

Massage-with-Natural-OilsMassaging is the best way to keep your little angel skin and healthy. Besides this, it also a time when both of you can spend a good time with each other and good parent-child bond. For massaging your child, always use natural oils like almond and olive oil, as they are good to moisturize and soften skin.


Use Cotton Clothes :

Cotton clothes are the best choice for keeping baby’s skin soft cool and comfortable. Cotton clothes are more absorbent and allow for better passage of air. If your kid wears cotton clothes, the skin won’t remain moist and heat won’t stay stuck that causes dehydration.

Use-Cotton-ClothesTo make your child feel comfortable it is always good to choose cotton fabric as some synthetic fabrics can be harsh and can cause allergies to skin.


Choose Diapers Wisely :

Diaper rash is a common problem in babies. The main reason for this problem is a fungal infection that causes when your kid remains in wet diapers for too long. During the early months, there may a need for frequent diaper changes, even in the middle of the night. You have to choose a diaper that is soft, fine absorbent and keep your little comfortable.

Choose-Diapers-WiselyBesides this, it is also necessary that diapers are of right size neither too tight nor loose. This can help in reducing diaper rash, but it won’t give you any break from changing diapers.


Clean Your Baby Bottom after Every Diaper Change :

As earlier mentioned diaper change is a basic need in a newborn’s life, it is necessary to clean the baby’s bottom after changing a diaper. Cleaning of the baby bottom is necessary to prevent skin rashes, redness, irritation, and other skin issues that may occur due to poor skin care.

Clean-Your-Baby-Bottom-after-Every-Diaper-Change-with-mother-sparsh-water-wipesFor cleaning baby’s bottom using natural baby wipes such as Mother Sparsh water wipes will be a right option. These wipes are made of plant base fabric and contain 98% water so, good to keep your child’s skin moisturized and soft.


Bath Your Baby in a Right Way :

When it comes to baby bathing, there are always some necessary things that need to be focused for the right care. The skin of kids is too delicate so it is necessary to bathe them in an accurate way. You should avoid using harsh soaps as they can result in dryness. Instead of using soaps, you can use natural shower gel that can prevent dryness and keep skin soft.

Bath-Your-Baby-in-a-Right-WayMost importantly, always use lukewarm water for the bath as hot and cold water can harm the baby’s skin. Do not keep your child in water for a long duration.

Being a good parent it is highly necessary that you are taking care of baby’s skin a precise way. For the better care, you can follow the above-mentioned tips. Furthermore, for a right information regarding baby’s skin care, consulting a professional dermatologist will be a good option.

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Kids fulfill our life with happiness so, take care of them always.

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