Tips to Make a Balance between a Baby and Work-life

Tips to Make a Balance between a Baby and Work-life

“Women- the Original multitasking operating system”

Mostly mommies are working nowadays. It is very common that working ladies join their job after their baby to run a healthy financial life. Though we know money is something which is all time required, as after baby’s arrival expenses also increase. So it becomes important for women to be working and make a balance between work life and household chores.

When I became a mother, I gave 100% to my angel. After 5 months when I have to join back my job I got worried that how will my baby live without me? How will I manage my work and house?  But I had no other option. Maybe many of you are also feeling the same. Today we’ll discuss some tips to make a balance between work-life and parenting.

1.  Don’t Shy to Take Spouse Assistance :

A baby is not the only responsibility of a mother. Once a newborn enters in your lives, it is the duty of father and mother to help each other equally in their works. Sharing your tasks will improve workloads from each other’s shoulders. So, never feel shy to take help of your partner.


Moreover, you both will become multi-tasking in handling a baby and work chores.

Sharing work burden will give you a relaxed life.

2.  Search for a Baby Care Center :

It is best if somebody elder like your mother in law or mother is there in your family who can look after your baby, during your work time. But if you are living in a nuclear life or far away from your family, then it is mandatory to surf a well-baby care center. To find best for your baby you can consult your nearby friends, colleagues or neighbour who can assist you to find the right choice.


Make sure before finalising the center you check properly the techniques they use to handle a baby. Because they are the one who will look after your little in your absence. Also keep a check for a weeks’ time in that center, to ensure that your baby is comfortable with them or not.  It is your duty to provide them the essentials which are required for a baby during care time.

3.  Schedule your Household Works According to Priority :

Being working women it is difficult to manage all the things all together. So make a routine chart in which you can mark your tasks which are very important or least. For example, you make a note that not to wash clothes daily as they consume time. Wash them twice or thrice in a week. Wash your baby’s clothes daily as kids catch infection very early than adults.

Always keep some frozen food in your refrigerator, so that you can cook it when you are in hurry. Try to cook meals which gets prepare easily with less time.

4.  Give 100% Dedication on Work :

Work life is equally important like a baby. Neglecting work is something not tolerable in professionalism. So mommies, you have to be alert to your office and perform wisely.


You make a routine to complete your tasks at work only. Don’t bring your office work at your home as you already have lots of responsibilities.

5.  Buy your Baby essentials in Advance and Bulk :

When you are working mother you do not have much of the time that you buy your baby needs daily, especially those items which are required on regular basis. So make sure whenever you are going to a market. Buy your baby products like a diaper, water-based wipes, rash cream, baby oil, powder, baby soap etc. in advance and in bulk quantity at least for a month so that you won’t feel pity when needed.

6.  Spend Free time with your Baby :

Whenever you are free try your best to spend maximum time with your infant who is waiting for you from many working days. Do love him, care him, talk and play.


So that he enjoys your company and makes your bond stronger. Do tell your partner to do the same because bonding with baby is something incredible.

7.  Take off from Work when Required :

Being a parent, it is your duty to look after your new one at the time of need, especially if he is not well. Take a leave from your office for your baby.


A baby needs proper attention when he is not okay. Get your baby checked with the doctor timely. Do give him a prescribed medication. Consult a doctor if you are not finding betterment in the health of a baby.

Conclusion– Yes, working mothers have lots of responsibilities but you can be better at your work as well as at home with your baby by following these tips.

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