Tips to Protect Babies from Diseases in Rainy Season

Tips to Protect Babies from Diseases in Rainy Season

After a hot and burning summer everyone will love to get wet in the rain. In other words, we can also say that rainy season provides a comfortable and somehow enjoyable environment to live. Isn’t it? Most of you will say a yes to this question.

Although it is pleasant a season, it brings mosquitos and various water borne diseases. And I think you all aware of the fact that this quite hazardous to your health. If an adult whose immune system is strong who can suffer from cold and fever, so what can happen with a newborn baby, you can judge better.

Don’t you think is it good to prepare well as a good parent form keeping baby safe this rainy season?

If yes, you must read the following points that can guide you in a right way.

Keep Baby Clean and Dry :

In the rainy season it is necessary that you are giving a lot of attention to your baby. Make sure that you keep them clean by giving a clean tub bath and sponge bath. You have to pay extra attention to the underarms, neck, bottom and other folds area of their body.


You also need to make sure that your babysitter is wearing clean clothes and away from any infections.

Protect from Mosquitoes and Insects :

Protecting newborns from mosquitoes and insects is one of the major tasks in monsoon.   In the rainy season, mosquitoes will somehow enter the room and attack your baby so, you need to be ensure that your little is in a safe environment.

So, for the appropriate protection using a mosquito repellent and dressing the little one in long sleeved clothing is necessary thing to do. Additionally, if your angel is sleeping, using mosquito nets is also a good approach.

Important, before applying mosquito repellent creams, consulting a paediatrician is always necessary. As newborns are delicate, using adults’ or unknown products can make them uncomfortable.

Vaccination is a Necessary Part of Your Little’s Life :

Besides your own precaution methods, it is also necessary to visit a child specialist for the appropriate advice. You will feel comfortable by knowing that there are quite number of flu vaccines that can give your baby protection from the monsoon illnesses.


Approaching a child doctor will be the best option to get suggestion for better baby’s health and hygiene.

Keep Your Surroundings and Home Clean :

This is one of the major steps that you need to take not only for your little’s care but also for the whole family. You should keep your house and surroundings clean during rainy season. Also make sure that rain water is not gathering around the house as it may trigger the breeding of mosquitoes that can be a reason of diseases.


So, you should check water is not leaking as dampness can lead to mold formation which is reason for different infections.

Keep Babies Away from People who are Sick :

Viral infections are common in monsoon season and contagious also. So, it is necessary to keep child away from people who are suffering from flu, cold, cough and any another infection.


Whether it’s you and your family members, it is necessary to wash or sanitize hands before touching the child.

Avoid Crowded Places :

Crowded places like malls are the main areas for germs so, you should always avoid visiting these places with your little. Such places can become a big reason to develop infections in your baby. Newborns’ immune system is not so strong so, they can catch infections easily.

It is necessary to avoid these places with newborns specifically in monsoon season.

Food Hygiene :

It is important that you prepare your little one’s food with utmost care in rainy season. In this season, one of the main things that you need to do is cook food for your child with boiled water. Besides this, you should make sure that you are offering boiled water to your little to drink. You also need to store the food in air tight containers.

If you are still breastfeeding, you should eat only healthy and homemade food as this is necessary to keep baby healthy.

So, what you decide to keep your baby safe this monsoon season? Take the necessary steps to maintain your baby hygiene and health. Keep him clean all the time so, infections could be prevented. It is also necessary that you are cleaning their bottom after changing diaper. For this purpose you can either use water or wipes such as Mother Sparsh water wipes. These wipes are made of plant-based fabric and contain 98% water so, safe for baby’s soft skin.

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Happy and safe monsoon to you and your cutie !


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