Truth about the Baby Wipes that Every Mum Should Know

Truth about the Baby Wipes that Every Mum Should Know

No doubt baby wipes have become a trendy choice among all mothers for maintaining a newborn’s hygiene. Isn’t it good option? Most of you will definitely say a yes. Yes, it’s good to use wipes for cleaning baby’s bottom as no another way can be safer and hygienic than this.

But, are you sure about the authenticity of those wipes that you have chosen for your child? Are you aware of the elements which are added to those wipes? Do you check the label of the pack before paying to a seller? Well, if you are not paying attention to these necessary things, you are certainly putting your kid in danger. Now you must be thinking, “How is it possible a simple wipe can create issues for my baby?”

The answer to this questions is harsh chemicals and polyester added to this essential product of a newborn‘s life. In the market, various packs of the baby wipes can be seen which are not safe for a newborn skin and made of a harsh material, even well-known brands also.

Important Things Mothers Should Look When Buying Baby Wipes!

Before buying a particular brand of baby’s wipes, you must check the following characteristics.

A Right Material :

If wipes material is too rough, it can cause irritation and rashes to the skin. And in case,   if they are too smooth, it can be difficult to clean your little. So, you have to choose wipes that are of just a perfect texture neither too rough nor so soft.

For this purpose, you have two options. One, buy a small pack of wipes before spending money on a big pack. Secondly, you can ask other mothers for a suggestion to buy a right baby wipe pack.

For the first time, buying a small pack is always a good option rather than wasting money on a big pack.

Alcohol-Free wipes :

You must be surprised by reading; most of the baby wipes contain alcoholic content. But, it’s absolutely true. We all know that alcohol is harmful to our health. So, you can imagine how it can react to a newborn’s skin. Don’t you think, you are deliberately pushing your child’s life to a danger zone?

Alcohol- mixed baby wipes, seriously?

Isn’t good that you should go for a brand that away from such toxic contents? Mother Sparsh Water Wipes can be an appropriate alternative to it. These wipes are 100% alcohol-free and contain the natural and pure element of earth i.e water. These wipes are made of 98% water that make them safe and secure baby care product.

Natural Components :

Ingredients added to any baby wipes matter a lot when it comes to newborn care. Remember, cleaning of the skin or  bottom should not be the only thing that you look in baby wipes. You have to look for a baby wipes that not only maintain a good hygiene but also keeps skin free from rashes and allergies and leave skin soft after every wiping.

Wipes that contain Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil and other natural ingredients can keep your child’s skin soft and safe. The wipes contain Vitamin E can protect skin and helps remove dirt from the surface of the skin.

Skin Friendly Fabric :

A newborn skin is much more sensitive than adults’ skin so, needs an extra care. So, you should buy wipes that are safe and made of natural fabric that can keep your little comfortable, happy, and safe. Besides this, wipes should be hypoallergenic in nature that is necessary to prevent rashes and other skin reactions.

The presence of polyester in this necessary product can somehow harm a child’s soft skin.

Eco-Friendly Wipes :

The wipes should be made of such material that can easily decompose. Looking for cotton based wipes is a perfect option. The plant-based fabric is safe for both newborn and our planet, as it can decompose easily and does not pollute our environment.

If you are going to buy any wipe pack, you must go for something natural and safe. So, whenever you visit the market for buying any baby wipes, must keep all these above-mentioned features in mind for a right selection.

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