Why Babies Cry and How to Soothe Them

Why Babies Cry and How to Soothe Them

Babies in their early life express their feelings by crying. This is the way that your baby tells his or her needs. Your child will cry more often in his or her first three months. Newborns cry when they want to be held, fed, or when they feel uncomfortable, tired, frustrated.

Some scientists believe that different crying sounds may describe different needs. Well, it can be quite difficult to understand baby crying but it is necessary to respond quickly. Being a good parent it is your responsibility to understand your child.

Here are some reasons for why a baby cries and how you can make him or her comfortable.

Let’s discuss the reasons first!


Hunger :

Babies are unable to express their emotions by words. So, whenever they feel uncomfortable they cry.  To express hunger babies cry.


Beside this, your little may show various signs of hunger before crying such as licking hands, sucking hand or thumb. So, whenever you find that your angel starts crying, it can be the feeding time.

Sleep Time :

Another common reason when babies cry is their sleep time. A newborn baby always looks for his or her mother when wants to fall asleep. In case if baby does not find mother nearby, he or she starts crying.


Another signs that your kid can show are yawing, rubbing of eyes, rubbing of ears and lack of interest in playing.

Stomach Ache :

Pain in your baby small tummy can make him uncomfortable due to which he or she starts crying. One main reason for tummy ache can be gas pain.  So, to provide comfort to your child from gas, lay him on his back and start moving his legs in a gentle cycling motion.


In another case, if you have started feeding solid food to your kid, avoid offering such foods which can result in gas. In the severe case, you must things with your pediatrician. Other tummy troubles besides gas are constipation, reflux, abdominal pain or milk allergy.

Needs Your Attention :

A newborn baby loves to remain in the arms of his or her mother’s arms. Babies constantly demand a lot of hugs, physical touch and other ways of pampering. Little kids feel comfortable with your touch, voice and heartbeat.

Therefore, whenever you kid cries, hold him and sing a soft song to make him feel better.

How to Soothe a Child While it Cries?

Play Soothing Sounds :


Soft music is always the best choice for distracting a child. Recorded music is a good choice, but if you sing yourself will be an effective approach as your little is familiar with your voice and thus feels excited when you sing.

Massage :

Babies love your touch so; giving a gentle massage on their back can be a quick solution.


So, massaging their body can give them pleasure and distract them from the issue which causing distress.

Clothes :

Uncomfortable and tight clothes can be a reason for baby crying. Make sure your kid is wearing loose and comfortable clothes. Clothes should be loose enough so that their skin can breathe.


The bed where you put your kid to sleep should be soft as hard bedding can irritate him or her.

Dirty Diaper :

You should frequently check your baby diaper as dirty diaper can be a reason of crying. After every peeing and pooping it is necessary to change the diaper. If diaper is wet, it can make your cutie uneasy.


Besides this, wiping of baby bottom is also necessary after changing every diaper. For this purpose you can use Mother Sparsh water wipes which are made of plant based fabric and contain 98% pure water. As these baby wipes are 100% biodegradable, a safer choice for your little and our planet. Wiping is a fine way to prevent rashes in babies.

Create a Calm Environment :

Noise can be a reason for baby’s crying. A sudden noise made by you can disturb your baby’s sleep and this may become a reason for crying. Therefore, if your baby is sleeping, make sure you have maintained a calm environment.

Also switch off the lights and keep your mobile phone away from the baby’s bed as sudden vibration or ring can develop trouble.

So, whenever you find that your baby is little uneasy you can find the reason and help him in an appropriate way. You must take care of your kid as he is totally dependent on you for his or her needs.

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