Why do Infants Cry and How to soothe them?

Why do Infants Cry and How to soothe them?

It is very common that babies cry. There can be so many reasons behind this behaviour like hunger, wet diaper, pain, illness, nose congestion etc. Infants do not have any other way to express their feelings so they cry. But for parents, it becomes difficult to see their little in tears. They do the best to soothe their kid but sometimes this task becomes difficult for them when they are not able to judge the cause behind cry.

Here we will discuss some common reasons for baby cry and how to deal with that situation.

Hunger :

The major reason behind every baby cry is hunger. Newborns are very sensitive they can’t wait for their food i.e. Milk.  So they start crying when they need feed. Beyond crying some babies do show signs of hunger like putting hands in mouth, some starts licking their lips.


For first time parents it is difficult to know the signs but soon they get aware of it by regularly looking after child’s habits.

Soothing Solutions – Feed your little after short intervals. Normally every baby needs feed after peeing and pooping. Make sure if your little one is on formula feed; do prepare his/her feed frequently. All these things will give assistance in keeping your sweetheart calm and happy.

Wet Nappy :

Another reason for a baby cry is a wet nappy. A child will always feel uncomfortable and irritated if the diaper is soiled.


Even doctors also recommend one should not to use the diaper for a long time as it may cause skin allergy or rashes to children. Moreover, it sometimes may lead to skin infections also.

Solutions – Make sure you check your kid diaper after a short span of time. Keep your baby bottom clean with water or water-based wipes.


Give your tiny some diaper free time. Apply coconut oil or rash cream at the time of change of nappy.

Sleep :

Yes, sleep can also be a reason for cry. Babies feel irritated when they are tired and want to sleep but because of any reason, they are not able to do so.


Ultimately they start crying to convey their message of sleep to their parents. In this situation, all they need is a calm, comfortable environment so that they can do the needful.

What to do– All you have to do is take your little to the soothing atmosphere where your baby can fall asleep. You can also sing a soothing song for your sweetie to calm him. Letting your infant sleep peacefully body massage also works wonders.

Colic :

Some babies seem to be okay and healthy, but they cry.  It may also be possible that they may cry because of colic pain. Colic pain is a situation when a baby cries because of abdominal pain.


A Colic cry is on the high pitch than normal. Also, a baby’s tummy feel hard to touch in this pain. For infants, this pain is not bearable so they start crying.

What helps in this situation – To treat colic pain swaddle your little well. Gentle massage on tummy and pedalling legs may also help to relieve little from the colic pain. You can also give gripe water during this pain.

Pain or Illness :

Any sort of pain in body and illness like a cough, cold, fever, allergy, infection, teething etc. may keep a baby down and cranky. Normally in this situation, babies cry loud and unusual which is somehow different from regular.


All this happen just because a baby is feeling uncomfortable and unhealthy.

What to do– In this situation the best thing work is “Be calm and patient “and soothes your little. Consult a doctor as early as possible when you find your infant is sick.

Clothing :

Uncomfortable clothing could be another reason for this behaviour. Letting wear tight fitted and loose clothes during very hot and cold weather also makes feel baby uneasy. Likewise, prefer to put soft fabric to babies instead of synthetic and rough fabric.


Solution – Always wear clothes according to weather and situation. Prefer to put soft fabric to your sweetheart which is comfortable in wearing.

Well, we all know infants cry, and as they have only this medium to convey their message so they do so. But every cry has some cause behind it and to judge that reason discussed things can help you out. Not only this sometimes babies cry because of some minor other reasons like a burp after a feed, discomfort in crib or mattresses, itching on the body, need attention, change in temperature of the room, urge to hug. All you need to do is to give proper time and attention to your baby so that you can handle your little in a better way.

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