Why I Choose Mother Sparsh Water Wipes over Other Baby Wipes

Why I Choose Mother Sparsh Water Wipes over Other Baby Wipes

Hello mothers, hope you are doing great with your baby!

Firstly, let me ask you one thing, how are you feeling after becoming mother? Great or somehow struggling with complications related to baby’s care? Well, whatever your answer is but it’s true that to become a mother is one of the most incredible things in the world. If I share my own experience of pregnancy, it was a wonderful time of my life. But, my real examination starts after the child birth. A new mother will always go through some difficulties to manage things that are related to her baby. And same thing happened to me.

During the initial days, I was so confused while choosing essentials for my little specifically for baby wipes. In the market, there are numbers of brands of baby wipes so, for anyone it can be confusing to choose the beat one. With the same thing I was struggling. But, I say a big thanks to my friend who suggested me Mother Sparsh Water Baby Wipes to use.

Firstly, I was not sure about these wipes, but frankly speaking the first thing that attracted me towards this baby’s product is the brand name that is “Mother Sparsh”. I loved the combination of two different languages (Hindi and English) in a different way to create the two words of one brand. I felt like the wipes of this name will surely give a feel of mother’s touch to my baby. And when I bought these baby wipes, I found that my friend was absolutely right and why she suggested me this product I understood clearly.

Here are some features of Mother Sparsh Water Baby Wipes that I want to share with all mothers:

Contains 98% Water :

I think, all of you will agree that the water is the purest element on the earth. We drink it and bath with it to stay healthy and hydrated. So, don’t you agree it is also necessary to maintain a baby’s hygiene? Newborns pee and poop in frequent intervals so, need to be cleaned properly. Water is the better option to do this.


But, in the case when water is not available what will you do? And in the second case, using water every time can make you little sick. So, you can move to Mother Sparsh Water Wipes as these contain 98% water and give a soft and safe cleaning.

100% Biodegradable :

Mother Sparsh wipes are skin friendly natural fabric wipes as made of 100% plant-based fabric. So, we can say that these are purely safe for your little and mother earth also. There is no polyester added to these wipes so can easily decompose and keep environment pollution-free. You might have noticed that ordinary wipes do not degrade easily; this is because polyester added in them.

Additionally, plastic based wipes are also not safe for your cutie so, you should immediately move towards something natural and safe like Mother Sparsh polyester free baby wipes.

Clinically Proven :

This is one of the major facts about Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes as these are dermatologically tested so, safe for your angel.

No Alcoholic Content :

If you are aware of the fact that the most of the baby wipes contain alcoholic content, it is good that you can choose right for your little. And in case if you don’t know this thing, you are somehow putting your kid in danger.

Make Mother Sparsh alcohol free baby wipes your child’s best friend.

Hypoallergenic  :

Another reason to buy Mother Sparsh wipes is hypoallergenic and pH balance properties. You can use these wipes any time whenever you find your baby needs cleaning after feeding, peeing and pooping.

mother-sparsh-water-wipes-are-HypoallergenicThese were some key features of Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes that I wanted to share with you. I hope these reasons are enough to decide whether go for this baby product or not.

Now you have to take your decision. It’s only you who has to decide what is good for your baby. So, be careful and research everything before opting anything for your little.

One thing that I want to share with you is that Mother Sparsh water wipes are India’s first Water Based. So, isn’t it an enough reason to go for them?  What you think?

Well, if you are thinking to buy this baby product, go for it and see how it is good for your kid. You can place your online order anytime at Amazon, Flipkart and Firstcry.


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