Refresh your Skin with Hydra Marine: The best Hydrating Skincare Solution

Refresh your Skin with Hydra Marine: The best Hydrating Skincare Solution

Finally, summer is here!

Call it Cruel Summer or The Summer I Turned Pretty, at the end of the phrase it is the Summer!

With all the warmth and shine of summer comes tight spots like sun tan, sweat, humidity, rashes, skin burns, & allergies. We know it's a little too much to handle; but worry not, we are here to make your summer skincare worry-free.

Let's dive into a skincare routine to make your summer cool.

Why is skincare important in the summer?

Scorching sun, humidity, sweat, sunburns, oily skin, the list goes on!

To simplify this, you need to understand the story behind the scenes:    

Summer temperatures along with humidity and heat can stimulate the activity of the sebaceous glands. This makes dry skin appear rough and uneven, and oily skin, even more oily. In contrast, the intensity of the sun’s rays contributes to tanning by increasing the production of melanin pigments.

But don’t you worry about it! Because all you need is good hydrating skincare that makes your skin looks summer ready. And it requires nothing but more hydration, better cleansing, and lightweight skincare solutions. 

Summer Skincare Routine for Different Skin Types

Don't worry it's not algebra! It's skincare and it's easy.

Oily Skin

Most of the time your skin causes excessive sebum production to compensate for the lack of hydration. That is why dry skin is often mistaken for oily; you will have plenty of sebum, yet your skin will still lack the proper moisture.

Dry skin

Did you ever wonder why skin appears drier during summer?

Well, the reason behind it is harmful UV radiation, these rays make your skin dehydrated by absorbing moisture and leaving it dry and flaky.

Combination skin

The best way to counter combination skin in summer is to find a balance between dry and moist areas. In simple words, lightweight, and hydrating skincare is the only thing you need.    

Sensitive skin

You know how destructive the summer sun can be if you have sensitive skin. To keep your skin healthy and happy, use gentle and moisturizing skincare. 

Whatever your skin type is, all you need is a “hydrating splash of mystical oceans” and “marine minerals” to get that summer glow. 

What is Hydra Marine Skincare?

'This summer, let's make one thing clear - your skin!'

Yes, you read it right, let's give you some insight into Hydra Marine skincare and what makes it your GO-TO skincare for every season. Our Plant Powered Hydra Marine Skincare Range is the ultimate blend of natural botanicals and minerals from mystical oceans.

With that let's give you some insights about Hydra Marine.

Hydra Marine: The Power of Oceanic Minerals

Hydra Marine skincare is infused with marine-derived minerals and herbs to give you plump skin. Here are some critical facts about our Hydra Marine soldiers:

Malachite: Botox of the crystal world
●       Helps the skin ward off free radicals like UV, pollution, and smoke by protecting against oxidative stress.
●       Increase collagen production
●       Prevent wrinkles
●       Detoxifies the skin 
Sea Boost: UV Protector (A blend of vitamins A, B, C, and peptides)
●       Radiant skin with UV Protection
●       Rich in iodine that activates microcirculation
●       Protect your skin from external stress i.e. Pollution
Earth Marine Water: Mineral drink of oceans
●       Marine spring water rich in minerals remineralizes, detoxifies and strengthens the skin.
●       Give you a luminous and rejuvenated complexion with fewer pores.

Told you...It's cool!

What if we tell you we have all these hydrating minerals in our Hydra Marine range? Yes, you read it right, our Hydra Marine skincare is a natural blend of actives like Hyaluronic acid, PGA, Vit. C and Marine Minerals to give you bio-derived nourishment. Wait. It’s just the trailer; not the entire list!

So, brace yourself for something hydrating.

Let's start with your questions.

Which Face wash is best for Dry Skin?

Our Plant Powered Hydra Marine Facewash

Wake up in the morning after a sleepless night and your face feels dry well it's a sign of dehydrated skin (Facts!). Our Hydra Marine Facewash has the perfect blend of natural ingredients and marine minerals. This perfectly balanced face wash clears all impurities without stripping away moisture to refresh your mornings and evenings. The gel-like texture with a mild scent of vanilla oil makes it a perfect facewash for Am/Pm routine. 

Is hyaluronic acid good for oily skin?

Before going any further we just want you to know that whether you got oily, sensitive, or normal skin, Hyaluronic acid is good for you. It’s like an answer to your every skincare prayer!

Our Hydra Marine Serum is consciously curated to give you a smooth plump skin. Armed with Hyaluronic acid, Poly Glutamic Acid, Pro vitamin B5, and natural coconut extract to give your skin NEXT-GEN HYDRATION. It permeates deeper to give you visibly firmer & more plump-looking skin. 

Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize?

This problem is because your moisturizer lacks hydrating actives like hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate; a type of hyaluronic acid that hydrates your skin deeper.

Our Hydra Marine Face Gel is your Go-To moisturizer for healthy, smooth, and supple skin this summer. Hydrating ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate and Poly Glutamic Acid are infused with marine actives like Malachite and Sea Boost for ultimate hydration. And the dewy gel-like texture makes your skin feels like heaven!

Which sunscreen is best for dry skin?

Mother Sparsh Hydra Marine Invisible Sunscreen Gel is the answer to all your questions.

Our Hydra Marine Invisible Sunscreen Gel is an ultimate combination of hydrating actives like Hyaluronic acid and Coconut Extract infused with Grape seed oil that gives you broad spectrum U.V protection with SPF 50 & PA+++. It is a hydrating shield for your skin with a seamless texture that mattifies your skin with a natural glow.

White cast? What? It’s an invisible gel! So LIVE LAUGH & WEAR SPF!

How to incorporate it into your busy life?

We know that everyone is busy; so here is the easiest 4 step routine for your skincare:

Step 1: Cleanser: Hydra Marine Facewash

Squeeze out a small amount of facewash on your palm, and lather it up! Apply to your damp face for 30 sec and wash it off! Easy right?

Step 2: Correct + Treat: Hydra Marine Face Serum

Apply serum evenly to your face and follow it up by gentle patting to maximize absorption. Here is a tip, use it on the damp face to get that NEXT-GEN Hydration.

Step 3: Moisturize: Hydra Marine Face Gel

Let's tap into the Amplified Hydration with Hydra Marine Face Gel and massage gently onto the skin after step 2 to lock Day-Long Hydration.

Step 4: Protect: Hydra Marine Invisible Sunscreen Gel

Protect your skin with an Invisible Shield of our broad-spectrum sunscreen which minimize pores. Apply generously on cleansed face and neck as a last step to get dewy-plumped skin.


Congratulations, you made it to the end!

We hope you had a good insight into our Hydra Marine skincare and how to keep your skin ready for summer blues.  So, what are you waiting for? Go to the Mother Sparsh website and get your hydrating bundle.

And one more thing, we love your skin more than you do; so we made sure that our products are free of harmful chemicals like phthalates, sulphur, and mineral oils.

Stay hydrated and keep your skin happily glowing with Mother Sparsh.



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